Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I need to drink less diet coke

Firefly is going to be a movie called Serenity!!!! I am soo excited about it. I hope people will realize how good it is when the movie comes out and the stupid people at The WB will realize what a mistake they made. I miss Fred, but it helps that Firefly will be a movie. Guess who's going to be on the next ep of Angel... Adam Baldwin!!!

There is a Japanese guy at work who is working for his Ph.D, I believe. I don't really talk to him, and I don't make an effort to. Most of the time I can't understand what he is saying to me when he does talk to me. Lately he has been acting very strangely toward me and others in the lab. A few weeks ago he was walking toward me in the hall and flipped me off then asked if that was offensive. I told him it was and walked away. He did it again to another person in the lab and he has been saying weird and often offensive things to her as well. Today he followed me into the conference room when I was putting my pop in the fridge and stared at me as I tried to walk through the door and then left after me. He keeps looking at me as if I am supposed to say something to him. He did tell me I was honest the other day. I guess that is good unless he doesn't really know what he said to me and he thought it was mean. People in the lab are ready to complain about his behavior. He is rude and condescending and it is very awkward to work with him. I think he is supposed to be here for another year and a half so hopefully we can get something worked out with him.

I still haven't decided if I am going home to see my sister's show choir performance on Saturday night. I know she really wants me to be there, but with a test on Monday and another on Tuesday it may be hard to make it. I better start studying.

I am quite excited about karaoke!!!

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