Tuesday, August 31, 2004

too much to do

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
You'll be questioned by authorities and charged with criminal incompetence after a man you supposedly taught to fish dies of starvation.

My room is a disaster area. The shelf in my closet fell down sometime Sunday afternoon. Not really sure when. I don't know how we didn't hear it fall, but somehow we missed that. The shelf is now fixed, but there is still stuff everywhere. I wend through some of my clothes again and am getting rid of some more. Now my roomies are walking around with some of my clothes. It's kinda funny. I still have a bunch of stuff on my dresser that I am not sure what to do with yet. I think I just figured out where to hang up all my pictures and stuff. Now I just need a poster or something for over my bed!!

Ashton asked me about Josh again today. It's kind of annoying. I half wish that he never firgure out that we are together. I am sure it will stop once Josh gets back here and is going to class again. It looks I will be teaching at the Nest on Thursdays until Josh can, which will hopefully be soon. I could really use the money, but I could also use the time. Currently Tuesdays are my only free night and I won't even have those all the time because of WISE. Why did I let myself get sooooo busy.

I better get to my homework now. Hopefully I can get it all done so I can finish straightening my room and possibly hang my pics and other stuff. I have physucks lab tomorrow, which I really hope gets done before 6:30. All I wanna do is sleep right now. I am going to need so much coffee tomorrow morning.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


This must be my week to get noticed by the opposite sex. Today at the Biochemistry Stores one of the guys that works there, Tony, told me my hair looked different. He decided that it looks darker. I told him I hadn't done anything to it so he called Jacob over and he also thought it looked slightly darker. Tony also thought my eyes looked different. I told them they were crazy and got some free stuff and left. Lex also told me it looked a little darker a earlier this week. I can't figure out why though.

In other news, I found a Viagra pen on my desk at work and I am totally keeping it.


I met Kristen, Tacia, a bunch of guys from Kristen's program and Nick at Diamond Dave's for karaoke. Kristen sang Stroke Me and I sang Flashdance, shich Tacia and Kristen picked for me because I am horrible at deciding. I must have done pretty well becuase the guy sitting behind me, one of the regulars, asked me to sing Bette Davis Eyes because he really likes that song. I said 'no' because I wasn't sure I knew it well enough, but now I think I could have. I wish I would have sung it. I am definitely singing it next time I do karaoke.

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
There may not even be an NHL season this year, so it won't make a ripple when you nearly kill a guy with a hockey stick.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The group for Nicole's birthday party at the Hilltop Lounge, a great old man bar. We played pool and I talked to three old men in the corner for awhile. It was rather fun!!

Laura, Joanna, Nicole, and me messing around in Jo's room.

T-Shirt Hell

T-Shirt Hell: t-shirts, shirts, funny t-shirts, funny shirts

This is Kristy, Laura, Nicole and me getting ready to leave for lunch on Nicole's birthday. That's my new haircut, and it is kinda done for once. I think there may even be hair spray in my hair. I think Joanna made us pose this way. Can you tell my pants are too big?

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

My First Day of School

Actually, today was my second day of classes, but I am going to start with the first day because it came first!

I had four classes yesterday and getting between my first two requires a nice little 10 minute sprint from Van Allen across the river to Bowen. Of course the two classes with a two hour break between them are in the same room, which is also right next to where I work during my break. Funny how that works out. I walked into the wrong auditorium once and realized my mistake while I was sweating profusely from my sprinting and hearing about all the graduate student related stuff.

Hehe.. Maggie on The Simpsons was just dancing to Sexbomb!! Sorry for the tangent.

Anyway, my next class is full of microbiology grad students. The only difference between what we do and what they have to do is they have a weekly seminar where they discuss research papers. I don't even think they get graded differently and Matt told me the prof is horrible and so is the class!!

After that I went to my literature class. This one I am actually looking forward to. It involves reading and writing a couple short essays! I can handle that. During that class I discovered a spot on my jeans though.

Today I went to my jazz class and then wandered over to the Field House where I helped Ashton with his tkd and box kicking classes during which Ashton amazingly didn't make many comments about Josh and me like he usually does. Then went home, showered, ate lunch, and went to work for about and hour and a half before heading to my two hour discussion for biochem which actually only took about 20 mins because we had nothing to discuss.

I got another call from Lex today asking for more help and I think I am heading to her room again tonight to help her with her computer and to bring her some magazines she needs for her Spanish class as well as some books she's borrowing from me. I also helped her move in and buy some of her books. While buying books we picked up the free boxes o' stuff they always hand out. They look like Spongebob and contain everything a female college student needs: tampons, ramen, some coupons and a condom.

I almost forgot, I got hit on by a guy on the way to my apartment from the bus stop on Monday. I have seen him riding my bus several times. He even showed me where he lived and told be to 'stop by' anytime. I don't think I will be taking him up on that offer any time soon.

I think I am going to head to the grocery store so I have something to eat during the next few days.

Monday, August 16, 2004


After a mostly cold and rainy vacation at our cabin in Minnesota, I have returned to Iowa City. I drove seven and a half hours to our cabin with my sister's boyfriend Jeff. My mom, sister and my cousin, Bailey, were already there. He and I spent most of our time singing to Rockapella CDs, and I made him listen to the Buffy musical. It went pretty well!! We got to the cabin around 4:00 and had a fire on the beach, but then a storm came so we headed inside. After that it rained for the next 4 days. We pretty much sat around inside working on puzzles or reading and keeping the fire going in the fireplace. It is kinda hard to get a fire going when the wood is wet. Some more family joined us later in the week and on Friday it was finally warm enough to sit on the dock.

My cousins inherited a dinghy from their grandparents. Since two of our boats decided to not work, we paddled around in the dinghy a lot. We also made lots of jokes referring to and about the dinghy. We are mature. My cousin Peter, who is a year younger than me, and I made drip castles in the sand and my mom took pictures of us. Again, we are mature. You gotta love it when the two oldest of the cousins are making sand castles and no one else is. Peter and I talked about going gambling since the gambling age is 18 in MN, but we never went. Jeff and I also talked about it, but also never went. So much for initiative.

It was still too cold to go swimming on Friday, but on Saturday it finally got into the 70s so Bailey and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in. We swam around for probably 10 minutes before I got bored and decided to go back in.

Jeff and Lex left on Thursday, but my mom, Bailey and I didn't leave until Sunday. We left Bailey with my aunt in the Twin Cities and drove to Eldora. I got back this morning and Nicole and I went shopping.

Joanna got here around 5 and we made and ate Funfetti cupcakes and watched Can't Hardly Wait. I still have to put all my clean clothes away, but I think I would rather try out the new purple sheets on my bed.

I got my hair cut, too. I look even more like Bailey with this hair cut than I did before.

Saturday, August 07, 2004

Misadventure Numero Uno

I haven't even left for our lovely log cabin on Cass Lake yet and I have already had two mishaps. First, I cut my finger on the metal part of the plastic wrap box this morning. It bled a lot and I had to steal a couple of Nicole's bandaids because mine are still hiding. I also keep bumping it and making it bleed again. I am a clutz, but sadly the next part of my sad story proves I am even more of a clutz and that I can be rather stupid when I don't want to be. Second, I made myself feel very stupid with a minor misadventure.

Now for my misadventure...

I drove to Eldora without a problem. I used my house key to unlock the door and
dragged all my dirty laundry and stuff for the night inside. I checked the buckets to make sure the leaky roof hadn't made too much of a mess and then I went to Hy-Vee for some food for tonight and tomorrow morning. I took my sister's keys and drove her car to the store because I had already parked mine in the driveway. I chatted with a guy at Hy-Vee that I went to high school with and who now goes to Iowa. It was all good.

I got back to the house and the front door was locked. I didn't lock it when I left because we never do. I didn't realize I had to flip the switch after I unlocked the door with the key so I didn't expect it to be locked, but I figured it wouldn't be a problem because Lex would have a house key on her keychain. Well, she didn't, but I could see mine sitting on the dining room table through the lovely antique etched glass of our front door. I checked our other front door and that was also locked as was the back door to the basement and the garage was tied down so it wouldn't open. I called my mom because I knew she had left a key with a kid from church so he could watch the house and feed the rabbit for us and got his number from her. They didn't answer the phone. His dad is a police officer in town, who has actually given my mom a ticket right in front of our house, so I could have called the police and tracked him down, but I didn't really want to do that.

My mom suggested I take Corey's ladder, which is leaning against his house and use it to climb to the roof of our front porch and break in through the screen on Lexsea's window. My uncle said that would be okay as long as I just cut the screen and didn't bend the frame. I didn't really feel like doing that, so I tried a few side kicks on the back door to the basement, but it didn't budge. It's rather thick and was hard to kick and hold the screen door open while side kicking. I did shake a lot of lead paint off the door though.

I decided to try for the dilapidated, falling-off-the-house back porch because that is how I used to get in when I got locked out as a kid. The only problem is the stairs to the back porch have rotted and fallen off, and it is about five feet off the ground. It pretty much looks like you could kick it and it would fall over. I tried that once when I was home while my dad yelled at me not to, but it didn't work. Anyway, I grabbed a chair off the front porch and set it on the pile of rotted wood and rusty nails that formerly comprised the stairs to the porch and tried to make it somewhat stable. I used the chair to crawl onto the porch, while thinking about my last tetanus shot and avoiding rusty nails, and quickly made my way to the door to the kitchen so as to avoid falling through the porch floor. It opened easily and I was in!!! I realized that door doesn't even have a lock on it, which I kinda remembered from my previous experiences. I love that door!!!!!

Well, I definitely feel stupid for getting locked out of my own house. I don't live here anymore, but I did for about 13 years. You would assume I know how to work the front door that I used pretty much every day of my life, but apparently that is a bad assumption to make. I think a need a watcher or somone to follow me around and make sure I don't do something stupid. Currently I am wondering why I feel the need to post this on the internet where everyone can read it, but probably only people that know me will.

I better get back to washing my three weeks worth of laundry and to the jalapeno poppers I purchased during my ill-fated trip to Hy-Vee. I think they are almost ready. I may need one of those Mt. Dews in the fridge as well or maybe a glass of wine from my mom's box o' wine which is also sitting in there. I should also 'mapquest' directions to our cabin!

Capricorn: (Dec. 22—Jan. 19)
You suspect it was a misprint when the newspaper claimed that drinking a glass of red wine once a minute is good for the heart, but what the hell.

Vacation time!!!

I will be leaving very soon for Eldora. Tomorrow morning I am leaving from Eldora with my sister's boyfriend Jeph (my preferred spelling of his name, it is actually 'Jeff'). I wish someone else could have come with us. Why do all you people have to be busy?!?! I will tell you of all my non-adventures and misadventures when I get back, which should hopefully be Sunday night.

So Amanda and I went shopping yesterday. I bought shoes, surprisingly enough, and a shirt that says 'Shoes are my friends'. We stole it off a mannequin. Actually we didn't steal it, but we did take it off a mannequin and replace it with a smaller version of the same shirt. The sales people were glad that we hadn't left it naked for too long. And I did pay for the shirt.

I better get going so I can do my laundry at home before I leave.

Happy Early Birthday Leah!!!

Check out the bruises

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sorry for all the linkage!! I think I got a little excited about having internet again.

I think I may have to wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow. One lady at work was worried that I was being beaten when she noticed my arms. Once I told her how I got my bruises and she saw that they weren't hand shaped she felt better. I realized I probably shouldn't be walking around the hospital in a short sleeve shirt with very noticable bruises on my arms.

Tonight Laura, Nicole and I ordered Pokey Stix!! They were quite tasty. Each of us only had five dollar bills so we ended up giving the delivery guy $15 for an $11 something order and he was very excited about it. Laura wanted to get 75 cents back from him, but Nicole let him keep it. We also played around outside while the storm was coming. I also got yelled at because I forgot my alcohol upstairs and Nic wanted a Jack and Coke, so I ran upstairs and got it. We put it all on the wine rack of my 'bar'. Then Nicole wanted to get ice cream and DQ, but I had to go play volleyball. I would much rather have gone for ice cream then play volleyball in the wet sand. We lost and as we were leaving Matt said "Is it me or is this not fun with the team we have now?" It isn't just him. It used to be fun, but now it isn't. Some of the people just make it hard to have fun.

I am getting kinda hungry again. Probably because this is when I usually eat supper. I can't decide if I want toasted portabello mushroom ravioli or mini tacos. I just bought a whole bunch of frozen food since I will be leaving on Saturday. I guess I could be healthy and eat some watermelon, but I think i would rather have that for breakfast instead of the puppy chow I had for breakfast this morning.

Monday, August 02, 2004

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  • Still a mess

    I am all moved in to my apartment. Even my fish are now here. Nicole wants to buy some more for the tank, so we will get to see if my fish will eat them. My room is still a mess, but I am working on that. Hopefully it will all come together this week. I think once I get my closet organized I will be good. So far my only problem is my cell phone reception totally sucks down here. It also drains my phone's battery pretty quickly because I keep roaming. Any suggestions? Other than the massive amount of bruising on my arms and the cell phone thing, everything went pretty well thanks to all the wonderful people that helped me

    We now have internet and cable to go with our electricity. The Mediacom guy was really great. We talked while he got everything set up. He got us free HBO and STARZ(sp?) for two months, but he doesn't like Irish car bombs or Guinness. We have been listening to the music channels. Even the Spanish rock station. I also called maintenance and the guy came a fixed my toilet and put my new non-squishy toilet seat on for me because I couldn't get the other off for some reason. He was also very nice, but I didn't learn anything about his alcohol preferences.

    I love my new bed . It is all big and soft and I don't fall out of it!!! My massive pillow and I don't have to fight for space on the bed anymore! All I need are some real sheets and a comforter and I will be set. I am thinking dark purple or light gray would be nice, and maybe some new curtains. I am also thinking about removing my shower door and getting a shower curtain. I was thinking Amanda could help me with that .

    Nicole, Laura and I decided to make puppy chow today, but we didn't have a recipe and Nicole decided she didn't need one. Our chocolate concoction turned out a little funny, but it all tastes good, so we ate it anyway. The Laura and I tried to dance and ended up hurting ourselves. We aren't bendy enough anymore.