Thursday, June 24, 2004

I need more time!!!

Well, I got my laundry done yesterday, but I still have not done any packing. I made a list of what I need to bring, but I am not sure when I will have the time to pack. I also need to do some cleaning because my mom and sis will be staying in my room while I am gone. Lex has orientation July 1 and 2 so they are spending the night here. I am leaving work an hour early today so I can possible get something done before I go to the Nest.

I know I have complained about going to lab meeting, but I kinda like just sitting there for a couple hours spacing off. I was actually almost looking forward to that today, but I didn't get to go because Hela had me do a large PCR (polymerase chain reaction if that helps)for her. I am supposed to be helping her with her research, but I feel like I am just doing the things that she doesn't want to do herself. I am learning some of the techniques involved but not necessarily the thought or logic behind them. It's kind of frustrating.

It is currently 55 degrees!!! A little cool and damp, but I like it sooo much better than 80's. This is insane June weather, but I am not going to complain.

I wish I was more enthused about going to the Nest tonight. I think I need more sleep or caffeine or I could just play with the stuff Josh sent me because it finally came!

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Lexsea and Bailey just left for my grandma's house in Pella. This morning we ate at Perkins and then came back here where my sister 'fondled' all the alphabet cookies. I was thinking about going to work today, but I think I am going to do some laundry instead. Maybe I will take a nap.

I didn't get any mail today :(.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yeah for visitors!!

My sister and cousin Bailey came today!!! We did some shopping and ate at Mia Milano for supper. After supper we went to Pet Land because Lex wanted to play with the bunnies and buy me some fish. They found the 88 cent fish and they each decided to buy one fore me, but we ended up getting three because one accidentally got in the bag. They named them on the drive to my apartment and we put them in the tank. I just checked on them and all three were dead. I think my gourami got to them. He already killed my angel fish and another gourami. Bailey told me to flush him, but I can't seem to do it!! It's probably better since I will be leaving for about a week. Bailey had never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail so we made her watch it. Josh called in the middle of it, but that was probably good since I kept quoting it and my sister was about ready to beat me with the inflatable mallet.

I have to figure out a time to do at least some of my laundry before I leave Friday afternoon.

Whatever Josh sent me has still not arrived!!! It better get here before I leave because I want to know what it is!!

Monday, June 21, 2004

I got the thunderstorm I was hoping for!!! It woke me up about an hour earlier than I wanted to get up though.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

I just realized I still haven't paid that parking ticket I got while I was in Ames.

As I said before,I am loving this weather. This is ideal for me!!! A good thunderstorm would be great, but I won't complain too much since it isn't hot or humid right now.

Lexsea and my cousin Bailey will be visiting me on Tuesday and Wednesday!!! I am going to use them as an excuse to take a little time off from work. I am trying to get Lexsea to come to tae kwon do on Wednesday, but she kind of wants to get home early that night. Probably so she can see her boyfriend or something equally pathetic :P. I think my mom misses Jeff more than Lexsea does sometimes. It's kinda weird.

I finally kind of did something with my closet. I am not sure that I really like how it is, but since I am moving soon, I am not going to mess with it much more. I still have three laundry baskets full of crap that I am not sure what to do with. Maybe I will just shove them under my bed. I think they will fit.

Just as I was finishing the first half of my grilled cheese sandwich, I received a call from Nicole. She wanted noodles for supper and I had to go with her and Laura to get some. I deicided to ditch my grilled cheese and we went to Z'Maricks for some noodles. I didn't get noodles but rather the Sweet 'n' Spicy rice bowl. I now have leftovers to go with my grapefruit for lunch tomorrow. I hope Matt will be jealous of my grapefruit because that is always fun.

Josh sent me something and it should be arriving in the mail soon. I rarely get any mail, so it is extremely exciting when I receive anything that isn't junk mail or a bill or something addressed to Susan Welp.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

According to my Weather Bug the high today is supposed to be 68!!!! This is my kind of weather. Sorry Amanda!

I thought we needed some more quizzes


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Is that enough yet? This is what happens when you wake up too early on a Saturday morning and no one is around. At least to me anyway.

some nicknames to choose from

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› C-Dawg, which is Matt's favorite new nickname for me. He laughed for a good 5 minutes after he first called me that.

Feel free to come up with your own. I got these from Random Name Generator because I am not creative enough to come up with one by myself.

I have been called Chip, Chipper, Chelsea Chip, Chipper Chelsea and whatever other permutations of that they could come up with for pretty much my whole life. It came from a type of candy called Chelsea Chips. It was even my nickname when I was on the rowing team, but for a totally different reason. I didn't even tell them it was my nickname when I was a kid.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Not only did I get distracted writing emails and miss the bus this morning, but when I got to work and looked in the fridge, my Diet Coke was gone. I left it in the door yesterday right before I left and it was gone when I got here at 9:30!! We usually have a couple community 24 packs of pop in there, but the Diet Coke has been gone since last week, so obviously the lone can in the door had an owner. I think I know who it was because he has done this before to other people in the past. I am also really sick of dodging ladders and cords and dust from all the construction.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I still have no idea

I said my shoulder wouldn't be happy about me playing volleyball, and I was right. Yesterday it wasn't too bad, bt today it has been quite unhappy. so has my neck becuase I had to sleep in a funny position so as to avoid making my shoulder hurt.

I am watching Celebreity Poker Showdown again, which means I will be up until about 1:00. No wonder I am always tired. I want to be at work at 8:00 tomorrow which requires me getting up by at least 7:00. I am usually good with 6 hours of sleep, but lately I have been quite lazy and sleeping in until 8:00. I really need someone at work to make me be there at 8:00. I guess since very few people show up at the lab until after 9:00 anyway, it doesn't really matter if I am there. I did get my second high school boy, so I do need to keep him occupied. Also, the family my project was based on was decided to be too complicated, so I was given a different one today, but I think it will be changing again because the person basically training me can't really handle doing another family. I think I will probably end up helping her with her research, yet still learning the basics of how to go about genetic research. I think this will be easier and less stressful, yet I just want to know what I am going to do. It's already halfway through June, and I still have not idea what I am doing at all this summer!!!

Now I am going to French braid my hair, that is if it is still long enough to stay in a braid. I got two compliments today on my not-so-newly shortened, cute hair! I love compliments!! I think I put it up too often.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Not only do I have two bruises that I have no idea how I got and keep losing my TV remote, but my pinky finger just split open and started bleeding while I was putting my leftovers away. My hands are dry from having to wash them so often at work. Tomorrow is lab meeting day which means two hours of my day will be spent in a stuffy, dark conference room listening to people talk while staring at their Power Point slides. I will defintely need some coffee for that.

My pinky hurts

We regret to announce the unpleasant passing of Chelsea, who on the 2nd of August of this year was helplessly stabbed by a ferocious werewolf. This unfortunate incident occurred in a slightly distressed Buick Skylark on the Island of Tihi. The deceased was reported to have shouted "Did you hear something?" just before expiring. Chelsea is survived by a goldfish. Funeral services will be held the 19th of next month.

To learn of your own demise click here!!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

We won again!!

I totally rocked at serving. I served 6 in a row to start off our first game, and I only missed one serve all night. I got really dirty because the sand was a little wet and I got sand in my ear. I may need to play again next week, but I think my sis and cuz will be here and I don't think bringing my 18 year old sister and 17 year old cousin into a bar. They may have to entertain themselves for an hour while I play. My shoulder is going to be sore tomorrow. I could tell it wasn't happy while I was serving.

I will be playing volleyball tonight!!! The girl that was supposed to play, a member of the Iowa volleyball team, has not called back so I have again been recruited for my expert volleyball skills. It sounds like a fight may break out between our team and the opposing team, so it could get interesting. Matt says I have to protect him if that happens, but since I have never been in a fight, I am not sure how well that would work.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Two movies in one night!!!

I skipped tkd tonight to watch a movie with Nicole. We decided we wanted to watch the original version of The Stepford Wives, so we went to Mr. Movies for 99 cent movies, but they didn't have it. We ended up watching 21 Grams. Interesting but kinda confusing movie. While we were watching that, I got a call from Kristen wondering if I would like to go see The Stepford Wives. I thought that was kinda funny. Anyway, Nicole and I did see The Stepford Wives tonight. It just wasn't the version we intended to see. It was creepy in a funny way, but I heard the original is more of a horror movie, so I really want to see that one. I liked it, but it was more of a comedy than anything.

I played volleyball with Matt and his friends last Tuesday, but they don't need me this week. It looks like I will be playing next week though. I will probably watch some QE and maybe get some sleep, since I never seem to do that. I am not sure it will work, because even when I try to go to bed early I just end up turning the TV on after about an hour of laying there trying to fall asleep and then watch it for at least another hour or so until my usual bed time. I think I will go watch the second showing of The Daily Show tonight.

And I now know the origins of Frostin's AIM screen names, and Kristen finally made another post!!!!! And this website has 268 different types of flip-flops!!! It could be my downfall if only the cheapest pair cost less than $12. I usually pay no more than $10 for a pair except for the ones that cost more than $10.

I want to be like Amanda when I grow up, so I decided to go with the comments through Blogger as well. I like my comments and I don't want them deleted. I still have the HaloScan comments, but they will most likely be disappearing shortly.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

gold heart
Heart of Gold

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You're a Pint of Guinness!

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I am a pint of Guinness with a heart of gold! Interesting combo.

Why does Seth take showers in my shower when his own shower is down three flights of stairs? If his didn't work, I would understand, but as far as I know it is still operational. It better be functioning since it will be mine in a month and a half.

Friday, June 11, 2004

A lot of construction is being done around here right now. They are building a new animal facility right above us, which means they have to do stuff in some of our labs. The stairway that I use all the time has been closed so I have to walk all around the building to get where I want to go or even to leave!! They also are constantly drilling something, which gives me a headache. We close all the doors, but you can still hear it. We have had to move a bunch of our sensitive equipment to another lab because of the vibrations. I am glad I am leaving early today.

It smells like sour milk in my lab. Labs always smell funny, but they don't usually smell like sour milk, just stinky lab.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

You + Me + Village Inn + Pie = good damn times

That is the email I received from Nicole after I taught TKD tonight. I then picked her up and we went to The Village Inn. I had a good meal which included a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and mushrooms, because I am boring and a big fan of chicken, which is why I always order it. I even ate my fries, and I don't usually eat fries. After that I had a very large piece of pie which, according to Nicole I 'gutted and made dance'. In reality I took off the whipped cream, becuase I don't like it, and then the pie got stuck on my fork and I shook it off which made it look like it was dancing, I guess. I really didn't want to make anything for supper tonight and that was the perfect solution.

I don't really like to play poker, probably 'cause I don't know how, yet I love to watch Celebrity Poker Showdown. I may even stay awake until 1:00 to watch it, because I am dumb and don't sleep enough.

I really need to clean my room before my mom and sis come on Saturday. I thought I was going to have Saturday to clean because they were originally going to come on Sunday, but changed their minds. Now I am not sure when I am going to clean.

These lovely little things are why my right hand is kinda sore right now. I haven't used pipettemen a lot until this week and my hand likes to let me know. I am not very good at using them yet either. I am really slow and the fact that my hands have been kind of shaky doesn't help when you are trying to put microliters of solutions into little tubes or the wells of a gel. You feel all scientific when you first start using them, but after awhile you realize it is pretty monotonous and not all that scientific since all you have to do is push the button and twist the nob to the correct amount. At least I will have a buff thumb by the end of the summer.

My mosquito bites are itching now. It has been three days. Shouldn't they be gone by now?

I was wasting some time at work and decided to check out the Eldora website. I got to the bottom of the page and discovered the person that designed the page has an interesting sense of humor.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Weird, mildly amusing and somewhat accurate.

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I really didn't want to go to work today. I was wandering around the lab doing stuff when I looked down and saw a ring I had lost in there months ago. I looked for it several times and finally gave up on ever finding it again. It was on the opposite side of the room I lost it in. I made sure I washed it well since it was being pushed around on the nasty floor of the lab for a few months. That made my day slightly better until one of the residents decided to be a jerk when I got her the wrong thing from the biochem stores based on the description she gave me. According to Matt she just sits at her computer and plays games and rarely does any work so I don't know why she was so cranky. In other not so interesting news, my roommate turned off the air conditioner, which I am all for, but she neglected to tell me that she had. I would probably get yelled at by her if I did that to her. I wish I didn't have to work with her as well as live with her.

I really wish today was Friday.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

already in need of a vacation

Work is kinda driving me crazy right now. I hope I get it all figured out soon. I am training someone and at the same time I am being trained. It is kinda hard to divide me time between the two. I feel like I keep abandoning the guy I am training, but at the same time I am trying to learn how to do a whole bunch of new stuff that is complicated and I have to be precise. The days go by quickly because I am so busy. The guy I am training looked so bored today, but I didn't have time to do stuff with him. I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch. I didn't really have breakfast either and I got a little shakey. I couldn't even get my pipette into my tubes. I then went and played sand volleyball with Matt and some of his friends becuase they needed another player. I didn't eat dinner until after 8:00. I didn't eat dinner until 11:00 last night. My schedule the last two days has been kinda weird.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Nicole and me at the concert. That little girl behind us had chalk and we really wanted it. We were willing to trade for it.

Us, again, at a restaurant, and I am wearing glasses.

I got a high school boy today!!! I will get another one next week, too!!! Then I will have two of them, and I can make them do whatever I want. Now who's the pedophile, Leah!!! It's really not as naughty as it sounds. I am supervising a couple of high school boys at the lab this summer. I am basically training them to do my job so I don't have to. They will have their own project as well, but I am not involved in that.

Tonight Amanda and I taught at the Gym Nest. It went pretty well. I usually don't run the classes there and neither does she, but I was able to keep them occupied. One kid spent the whole class basically begging me to let them play a game and asking me where I lived. We have a bunch of new kids and they did really well. Amanda taught them to kick and they seemed to like that. After class we went running at Hickory Hills again. It got kinda dark towards the end. We went back to her place afterwards to do are usual talking and sort of stretching. I was really hoping her cute neighbor would come out so I could actually meet him. That didn't happen, but we did meet a lot of overly friendly mosquitos and a really large bug that attacked my left ear.

I have a tan line!!! You can even see it in the dark!!! I think I got it at the concert. I think I am going to have to start taking advantage of our swimming pool to see if I can get a few more.

I have recently gotten into the habit of writing emails while wearing a towel after my shower. Now I am writing in my blog with only a towel on.

Now I need some food since I haven't eaten since my early lunch at 11:30. Yeah for leftovers. Maybe I should put some clothes on before I head to the kitchen.

Here is Matt and me downtown on Halloween. He works in the lab with me and I tend to mention him occasionally so I thought you might like to know who he is. He was dressed as a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. He and the other 'contestants' spent the night pushing a shopping cart around downtown.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

I hate the 80's

Ok it is now actually feeling like June in Iowa and I hate it. It is 83 degrees and I am wearing shorts. I don't like to wear shorts. Amanda is crazy for liking this weather. I do like the partly cloudiness of today though and it isn't too humid. We have big puffy clouds and just enough sun that I don't have to squint too much when I go outside sans sunglasses. The breeze is helpful, but not coming in my window. I really do prefer 60's and low 70's.

The picture of my odometer at 150,000 miles didn't turn out. I am not surprised it didn't, but I am a little disappointed. I did get a couple pics from Nicole of her and me that turned out quite nicely. I still really need to wash my car. It sat under a tree at my mom's house and it now has yellowish tree crap all over it. I had to buy Diet Vanilla Coke instead of Pepsi because it was cheaper and I have no money.

I am currently listening to a CD on my computer as if it was being played in a bathroom. I love playing with my computer I am gonna try 'padded cell' next or maybe 'drugged'.

I have a silver Sharpie!! I don't remember buying it or know why I would have bought it. It's pretty cool. I think that was just an example of the kind of dorky randomness or random dorkiness, I can't remember which, that Matt says I bring to the lab. Of course I am not at the lab right now but in my apartment. I think I need to rename my blog 'Random dorkiness' or 'Dorky Randomness' because it is probably more fitting.

Now, do I play my Gameboy or do I watch Buffy and crochet some more?

God Inspires Latest Fad

Here is a link to an article Nicole found that mentions the billboard I mentioned in my post earlier. You may have to do a search for the title God Inspires Latest Fad to get to it.
God Inspires Latest Fad

Here's another link that may interest some of my more loyal readers or any fan of The Simpsons: Map of Springfield.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

It isn't right, it isn't fair. There was no parking anywhere....

I got a parking ticket while in Ames today. The signs on the street weren't very clear. Anyway, they got my license plate number wrong. Do I still have to pay it if it isn't my license plate number???

I have seen the Buffy musical too many times recently. Ok, so I have watched it twice today, but one time was with the commentary.

Back in Town

Approximately 24 hours after I left, I am back in Iowa City. I was in Ames and Des Moines for most of those 24 hours. as I mentioned earlier I went to a Nadas concert. Dexter Freebish was there as well. I knew a total of three songs between those two bands. Dexter Freebish did Leaving Town and the Nadas covered the Oasis song Wonderwall and Sabotage by the Beastie Boys. I do know a few lines to a Nadas song called River: "I'm goin' down to the river / I'm gonna shake and shiver / I'm gonna roll in the water / I'm gonna take your daughter". Nicole wanted to be sure I got to sing along with at least one of their songs.

On the drive back from Des Moines there was a billboard about a quarter mile from The Adult Superstore that said "Jesus, Adult Super Savior". It was even in the same colors as the sign for the adult superstore. There was also an insane amount of dead deer along the road.

In other exciting news, my car's odometer is now past the 150,000 mile mark. I tried to take a picture of it while drivng, but I am not sure it worked. On the way back I was watching for it to hit 150,150 miles, but I forgot to pay attention and missed it.

I also know what my project is for the summer. An research assisitant and I are working with an Iranian family that has a dominant form of hearing impairment. Apparently, our goal is to find the gene that causes their type of deafness. I am glad I finally know what my project is. It would be nice to know if I have to make a poster like I did last summer as well. I wonder if I have to present my research at lab meetings too? I still don't know how much I will be supervising the high school boys. I want to make them do all the lab assistant crap I am sick of doing.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I keep forgetting it is Thursday

I have been confused about what day it is since last Thursday. This last week has just been too weird. Work was the same today, except for a free lunch, and I still don't have any idea of what I am doing this summer. At least Dr. Smith noticed I was there and working.

Amanda and I went running again today. We sat around for over an hour afterwards trying to figure out what to eat (we actually were being indecisive, because we did care) and ended up going back to her place watching some Buffy and eating potatoes. My car now has 149,923 miles on it!

Frostin' emailed me today and it totally made my day. I received it while I was at work, so that made work better, which helps make my day more fun. Actually he emailed me twice and invited me to go to Great America! For all of you who are wondering, he is working and caddying when he can, and he will be back in Iowa in a month to help his brother move. I have his AIM screen names if you want them. Though when I messaged him he didn't respond, and this was right after he sent me an email.

I will be in Des Moines (with non-silent 's')tomorrow night and possibly part of Saturday for a concert by The Nadas with my friend and future roomie Nicole. If anyone feels the need to see Harry Potter sometime, preferably at night, let me know. I may have enough money for a movie ticket if I don't eat tomorrow.

Now I am going to be productive and plug in my alarm clock and maybe blow some bubbles from a rather large, purple bottle containing 32 fluid ounces of Miracle Bubbles using the miracle wand inside the large, purple bottle. Maybe I will do some crocheting (with a non-silent 't').

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

It looks cleaner anyway...

My room looks somewhat cleaner but that is just because I piled all the stuff that I don't know what to do with yet in the corner instead of the middle of my room. I did hang up some pictures, my belts, tkd plaque, and the first board I broke. I think it looks kind of nice. I just wish I had the certificate I received with my black belt. I found all my dad's at home, but I couldn't find mine or my sister's.
The Daily Show is on, so I better stop typing. Maybe I will start my new crocheting project while I watch TV tonight.

I just talked to Leah on AIM for about 3 hours. It was 2am there when we finally stopped so she could go to bed. I left work early because I had a bad headache that was starting to make me dizzy and decided to get online to see if Leah was on and she was!!!

Now I am bored again. Reservior Dogs is on TV right now. I want to watch it, but I don't like watching movies on TV that I have never seen before. The commercials get in the way and the cut out stuff. I think I may finish the book Amanda loaned me a couple months ago. I need to go to the library soon. I need more books to read. I wish I didn't read so fast sometimes so I could make the books last longer. I could finish rearranging my room, but I don't wanna. I am not sure where I want to put everything yet. I like that my bed is across from my TV, but I don't like where my bookshelf is. I think I just figured out where I want to put those two things. Now I have something to do!!! Now what CD do I listen to while moving my furniture?

Courtesy of Leah

Tornado Safety

I love that it is in the mid 60's today. I do wish it was a little sunnier though. I am sure Amanda doesn't agree with me. She wants it 10 degrees warmer.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Some of my sister's senior pictures.

More of my sister's senior pictures.

And if you are curious about what I looked like four years ago, these are for you.

I can't believe it is June already.

It was another one of those manic-depressive days. This morning I was not in the best mood. I have been thinking a lot about what I want to do over this next year and I just don't know. Classes haven't been as interesting as I had hoped and I am not feeling very motivated about them. I don't really know if I am in the field I want to be in. I am not sure what I find interesting anymore. I am not sure what I want to do after I graduate. I don't want to go to grad school right away, partly because I dont' know what I want to do and partly because I want a break. Whenever I go home I get asked by everyone what I am doing this summer and what I plan to do after I graduate. It's a small town and almost everyone knows me, so I get asked these two questions a lot. As Amanda and I have been discussing, everyone is in everyone else's business all the time.

It doesn't help that I am not having all that much fun right now at work. Work has been boring and uneventful and I still don't know what my project is going to be this summer. Today was better since Matt, Jana, and I started 'Tip and Lip'. It is a lab themed spin-off of something called 'Stitch and Bitch'. Since we work in a lab we stuff the tip boxes for the pipette tips instead of sewing and talk about whatever comes to mind, generally lab gossip. It was fun and better than doing it alone like I usually do. I don't know what I would do if they weren't in the lab with me.

Amanda has been sending me pictures from the party and the banquet. I love looking at all of them. Some are hilarious. I am getting a pretty good collection of pictures on my computer. I want a digital camera so badly.

Amanda and I went running tonight. It was nice to get a decent workout it. It didn't help that I got back to my apartment and ate a cookie though. She and I sat and talked for about and hour after our run. We started to get cold from the breeze and realized how long we had been sitting there. She still had some work to do at church tonight.

After that my friends Nicole and Laura came over for a little Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. The second episode was some twins. They were so sweet to their whole family. It was fun to watch.

I am not used to my new hair length yet. On Sunday night I decided I wanted my mom to cut my hair, so she said she would. I told her to cut about two inches off. I am not sure how much she cut off, but there was quite a pile of hair on the floor when she was done. My sister also decided I needed bangs so I can brush them across my forehead and look all sexy. I wouldn't say I have bangs now, but the shortest layer around my face is just below my cheekbones and barely goes behind my ears. My hair is now brushing my shoulders. It feels really short thought I don't think it actually is. It's all bouncy and in my face more often than it was before I had it cut. It's horrible having hair in your face when you are wearing latex gloves with scary lab stuff on them. I love having a mom that can cut hair well. In another life I believe she was cutting hair for a living.

I am now going to watch the episode of Family Guy where Peter has his own theme music. I wish I had my own theme music. I think I will just sing as I wander around or I could carry a boom box on my shoulder. That would be cool. I believe this is one of my most random posts yet.