Thursday, September 29, 2005

I love that the major controversy about our football team right now isn't about one of the players getting arrested! Instead the controversy concerns the color pink. It's really rather refreshing. I even wore a pink shirt today, but that was mostly just because I really need to do laundry and it's about all I have that's clean.

I have never thought the pink locker rooms were anything other than a clever and funny tradition started by one of Iowa's best football coaches. It's not homophobic or sexist. At least it wasn't until a law professor decided to make pink paint homophobic and sexist. (I kinda want to leave a comment on that blog.) Would she have the same problem with purple, lilac, or magenta? Maybe magenta because the wrong shade could induce headaches and possible brain hemorrhaging in the players. Did she ever think to ask the opposing teams how they felt about the pink? Am I potentiating the whole pink thing too by writing this? Just see what Google comes up with when you type in "pink locker room". What would she say if they painted the women's basketball or volleyball locker rooms pink? Would that still be homophobic and sexist?

Not only do the non-supporters of pink want to get rid of the pink paint they "want the locker room gone." Isn't getting rid of the locker room a little excessive? Not only will they have to buy new paint but a whole locker room as well! Then she would have to complain about the money spent on building a new room that is only used a few hours a week.

I just looked for her blog and she has apparently deleted it! Interesting...

Josh told me to go to bed over an hour ago now. I should actualy listen to him for once.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Fall is coming!!! So are my exams.

I see highs in the 60's in the forecast!! I want to wear my fall jackets and sweaters and sweatshirts! I actually want to wear my winter coat, but that's just because it is new!

I shouldn't have let Josh come over for dinner after he was done with tkd. I have not been very productive since he left. I have an exam in 15 hours and another starts 27 hours after that!!! I should study. There is so much material.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

I think I am going to have to take a day off from work just so I can get some extra study time in. I have three exams and a lab report all within a week. I don't want to study anymore and I haven't even started studying for one of the exams or started writing the lab report. I don't think I will be making it to tkd much this week.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Dr Pepper Lip Smackers are pretty much my fave. But what is even better is giant Dr Pepper Lip Smackers! I found one that is about four times bigger than a regular Dr Pepper Lip Smacker. I should have bought more than one!

Monday, September 19, 2005

x = seen from start to finish
# = seen most of the movie in bits and pieces, but never seen in one sitting
? = know I've seen the movie, but have no recollection of doing so

[x] Pirates of the Caribbean
[x] Boondock Saints
[ ] The Mexican
[x] Fight Club
[x] Starsky and Hutch
[x] Neverending Story
[x] Blazing Saddles
[x] Garden State
[x] The Princess Bride
[x] Young Frankenstiein
[x] Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[x] The Meaning of Life
[x] Life of Brian
[x] Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl
[x]Robin Hood: Men in Tights
[x] AnchorMan
[x] Wedding Crashers
[x] Napoleon Dynamite
[ ] Saw
[ ] White Noise
[x] White Oleander
[x]Matchstick Men
[x] Anger Management
[ ] 50 First Dates
[x] Jason X
[?] Scream
[?] Scream 2
[ ] Scream 3
[?] Scary Movie
[?] Scary Movie 2
[?] Scary Movie 3
[x] American Pie
[x] American Pie 2
[x] American Wedding
[x] Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
[x] Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
[x] Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
[x] Resident Evil I
[x] Resident Evil 2
[x] The Wedding Singer
[ ] Little Black Book
[x] The Village
[x] Donnie Darko
[x] Lilo & Stitch
[x] Finding Nemo
[x] Finding Neverland
[x] 13 Ghosts
[ ] Signs
[x] The Grinch
[ ] Texas Chainsaw Massacre
[ ] White Chicks
[ ] Butterfly Effect
[x] Thirteen Going On 30
[x] I Robot
[x] Dodgeball
[ ] Universal Soldier
[ ] Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events
[ ] Along Came A Spider
[ ] Deep Impact
[#] KingPin
[x] Never Been Kissed
[x] Meet the Parents
[x] Meet the Fockers
[ ] Eight Crazy Nights
[ ] A Cinderella Story
[ ] The Terminal
[ ] The Lizzie McGuire Movie
[ ] Passport to Paris
[x] Dumb & Dumber
[ ] Dumb & Dumberer
[ ] Final Destination
[ ] Final Destination 2
[ ] Halloween
[x] The Ring
[ ] The Ring 2
[x] Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
[x] Practical Magic
[x] Chicago
[ ] Ghost Ship
[ ] From Hell
[x] Hellboy
[x] Underworld
[x] Pitch Black
[x]The Chronicals of Riddick
[ ] Secret Window
[x] I Am Sam
[ ] The Whole Nine Yards
[ ] The Whole Ten Yards
[ ] The Day After Tomorrow
[ ] Child's Play
[ ] Bride of Chucky
[x] Ten Things I Hate About You
[ ] Just Married
[ ] Gothika
[ ] Nightmare on Elm Street
[x] Sixteen Candles
[#] Bad Boys
[x] Bad Boys 2
[ ] Joy Ride
[ ] Seven (SE7EN)
[ ] Oceans Eleven(the original version)
[x] Oceans Twelve
[ ] Identity
[ ] Lone Star
[ ] Predator I
[ ] Predator II
[x] Independence Day
[ ] Cujo
[ ] A Bronx Tale
[ ] Darkness Falls
[ ] Christine
[x] ET
[ ] Children of the Corn
[ ] My Boss' Daughter
[x] Maid in Manhattan
[ ] Frailty
[x] Best Bet
[x] How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
[x] She's All That
[ ] Calendar Girls
[ ] Sideways
[x] American Beauty
[x] Almost Famous
[x] Detroit Rock City
[#] Dazed and CDonfused
[#] Mars Attacks
[ ] Event Horizon
[x] Ever After
[x] Forrest Gump
[ ] Big Trouble in Little China
[x] X-Men 1[x] X-Men 2
[x] Catch Me If You Can
[ ] The Others
[x] Freaky Friday
[ ] Ring of Fire
[ ] The Hot Chick
[?] Swimfan
[ ] Miracle
[x] Old School
[ ] Ray
[ ] The Notebook
[x] K-Pax
[x] Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
[x] Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
[x] Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
[x] A Walk to Remember
[ ] Boogeyman
[x] Hitch
[#] The Fifth Element
[x] Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace
[x] Star Wars Episode II Attack of The Clones
[x] Star Wars Episode III Revenge of The Sith
[x] Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope
[x] Star Wars Episode V The Empire Strikes Back
[x] Star Wars Episode VI Return of The Jedi
[ ] Troop Beverly Hills
[ ] Swimming with Sharks
[x] Air Force One
[ ] For Richer or Poorer
[ ] Trainspotting
[ ] People Under the Stairs
[ ] Blue Velvet
[x] Sound of Music
[x] Parent Trap (old version)
[ ] The Burbs
[x] The Terminator
[x] Empire Record
s[ ] SLC Punk
[x] Meet Joe Black
[ ] Wild Girls
[ ] A Clockwork Orange
[ ] The Order
[x] Spiderman
[x] Spiderman 2
[x] Amelie
[x] Belle epoque
[x] Amores Perros
[x] Y tu mamá también
[x] Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios
[ ] Hable con ella
[x] Mean Girls
[x] Shrek
[x] Shrek 2
[ x The Incredibles
[ ] Collateral
[x] The Fast & The Furious
[ ] 2 Fast 2 Furious
[ ] Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow
[ ] Closer
[x] Titanic
[x] Saved!
[x] Bowling for Columbine
[ ] Farenheit 9/11
[x] The Sixth Sense
[ ] Artificial Intelligence (AI)
[ ] Love Actually
[ ] Shutter
[ ] Ella Enchanted
[ ] Princess Diaries 1
[ ] Princess Diaries 2
[ ] Constantine
[ ] Million Dollar Baby
[ ] Envy
[x] Eurotrip
[ ] Malibu's Most Wanted
[x] Big Daddy
[x] Black Sheep
[x] The Breakfast Club
[#] West Side Story
[x] A Christmas Story
[ ] Spanglish
[#] Pulp Fiction
[ ] Sleepover
[x] Evil Dead
[x] Evil Dead 2
[x] Army of Darkness
[x] Labyrinth
[ ] Killer Klowns From Outer Space
[ ] The Seed of Chucky
[ ] Vanilla Sky
[x] Nightmare Before Christmas
[ ] Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
[x] Interview With the Vampire
[ ] The Crow
[ ] Purple Rain
[ ] Reservoir Dogs
[x] Wayne's World
[x] Wayne's World 2
x] 21 Grams
[x] Blow
[x] Edward Scissorhands
[#] Clerks
[x] Beauty and the Beast
[ ] Guess Who
[ ] Monster In-Law
[x] Elf
[ ] Stuart Little
[ ] Stuart Little 2
[ ] Mall Rats
[x] Chasing Amy
[x] Dogma
[x] Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
[x] Beetlejuice
[x] The Last Samurai
[ ] The Amityville Horror
[ ] The Aviator
[x] Romeo and Juliet
[ ] Barbershop
[ ] Beauty Shop
[x] Legally Blonde
[ ] Legally Blonde 2
[ ] The Forgotten
[ ] Confessions Of A Teenage Drama Queen
[ ] Grudge
[x] The Transporter
[ ] The Transporter 2
[x] Three Amigos
[x] Kill Bill Vol. 1
[x] Kill Bill Vol. 2
[x] Blade Runner
[x] Tombstone
[x] Blade
[x] Blade II
[x[ Blade: Trinity
[x] Buffy the Vampire Slayer
[x] The Punisher (2004)
[x] The Punisher (1988)
[x[ Sin City
[x] Dawn of the Dead (2004)
[x] Night of the Living Dead (1968)
[ ] Dawn of the Dead (1978)
[ ] Day of the Dead
[x] Creep Show
[#]Creepshow 2

The new lab space is so nice. We have windows!! We didn't have any windows in our old lab space. It was like a dungeon on the third floor. The view of Iowa City from our conference room is great. I wish I had a camera to get some pictures. It is good to finally be in the new space.

For some reason everyone who doesn't have anything to do asks me. I am the lowly-undergrad-lab assistant and they all look to me when they can't find Carla our lab manager. I honestly don't have a lot for them to do, but that is mostly because I don't trust some of them to do a decent job of some of the things I can come up with so I would rather do them myself. I understand that they don't want to bother Carla because she is very busy, but do they have to look to me. I think I am one of the few people that actually knows where all the stuff is going, but they should be able to figure it out. It's amazing how lost the scientific people can get when what they need to do doesn't require science.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Since I got sick last Saturday I haven't had much of an apetite. I keep losing track of time since both my watches broke and I haven't been getting hungry for lunch like I usually do. That was how I knew it was time for me to finish up what I was doing, eat lunch and get to class. Now I have to get to class!

Monday, September 12, 2005

I have weird dreams when I take naps. I think my nap was too long because I am kinda groggy now. I am not very good at this napping thing.

I think the nap was a bad idea. I was totally out of it during tae kwon do. My body just wouldn't do what I wanted it to. I could barely even remember what I needed to bring with me to class!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

So tired... must study... should run tomorrow morning since I have new running shoes... get off the computer... must study... exam Friday... where's my paycheck?... want to eat squash.

Monday, September 05, 2005

Feeling better!

I am feeling better. Still tired and coughing, but not as stuffy.

Acorn squash is so hard to cut. I guess that is why it is considered a hard winter squash. I think I did better this time than I usually do. I was surprised it went so well since this one was bigger than I usually get. I have always baked it with brown sugar and butter, but I think I may try a savory version next time.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Poor me :`- (

Why did I have to get a cold the week I have a quiz and an exam? Yesterday morning I was feeling pretty good, but as the day progressed I got stuffier and my throat go scratchier. Josh was sent home sick from work because he puked in front of a customer and he was looking more pale than he already is. He called me and before he hung up to go puke again he asked me to pick up some Resolve. I gave him some 7-Up and saltines and he finally kept something down. By the time he was feeling better around 9:00, I was barely able to breathe or stay awake. I slept through most of the movie we watched last night. We were a pretty sorry couple yesterday!

Laura keeps asking me to not breathe on her. I keep threatening to lick her door handle and cough on her. That's kinda gross now that I am thinking about it. I doubt it has ever been cleaned.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I just found out my uncle is flying the jets transporting the refugees of Hurricane Katrina. My grandma and mom are worrying about him because of the way people are acting down there. I heard Delta was offering free flights to those people, so I figured he was probably piloting some of those planes. It is so chaotic that it's hard for me to begin to imagine what it is like. Whole towns have been wiped out by flood water and wind!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I want a hamburger!!

I have been watching a show about hamburgers and now I want one.