Saturday, March 13, 2004

I truly need help

I know I have a problem with sandals (mostly flip flops) when I buy a key chain that is a replica of a pair of flip flops I already own. I also spent a good portion of my day looking at sandals. I didn't buy any though!! I would wear sandals all year round if my toes wouldn't freeze off, therefore making it quite difficult to wear sandals. I have decided the Chaco sandals are too expensive and am now looking at the Teva version which is very similar. They cost $40 less so I actually may be able to afford them. I really do have more than enough sandals, but I just can't seem to stop wanting them. At least most of the ones I buy are under $10.

I brought a bunch of stuff to Stuff Etc. Last month and went there today to check on my account. I got $47!!! I think I am going to have to bring some more stuff there. Maybe I can part with some of my flip flops that I don't wear very often. I recommend it to anyone needing to get rid of some stuff.

I bought The Evil Dead today!! I have never seen it, but I love Army of Darkness, which was on last night, so I am pretty sure I will like it. If not, I can always sell it.

After the Que...

My mini fridge keeps making weird noises and my I just put a new filter in my fish tank and it is noisier since the water flows through better now. I think I am tired enough that it doesn't matter.

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