Monday, March 01, 2004

we need to do some yoga around here

So things just exploded at my apartment. Stephanie had a fit over a joke about the rent. The guys pay a penny less than we do because Stephanie rounds up and Adam rounds down when dividing the rent. Adam was being a dork and changed the amount written on our white board to be a penny less. When we get home later Stephanie made sure we know that she had noticed the change indicated by a message on the board. Adam is my other roomie's boyfriend if I just confused you. This led to a big argument about her not talking to us about things and just constantly leaving us scathing messages such as the one today. Tension had been building around here, but I am still not sure if Stephanie noticed. She tends to be a little dense. She actually called her boyfriend, who is Adam's roommate, and he joined us. We also made sure she new we didn't like that Seth stayed here even when she wasn't here. Seth, I admit, handled it all well and didn't try to defend her or get involved. Stephanie even went so far as to say she was fine if Seth didn't sleep here at all, which I know is a total lie. She was just trying to cover herself. The issue of stamps was also brought up. She has complained about having to buy the stamps to send the bills yet never asks for any. Rey and I have both said that if she just asked we would give them to her.

I need to get out of this situation. Rey and I talk, but Stephanie just leaves us notes. I have been meaning to talk to her for a couple weeks now about Seth staying here when she isn't here, but we are rarely home at the same time and I have studying to do most of the time including right now. I am glad a stupid joke has finally let us get all this crap taken care of, sort of.

In other news...

I ate about 3/4 of a frozen pizza tonight. My little sister would be proud. I really don't have any other news.

After a little piano, I may break out my new fuchsia yoga mat.

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