Monday, April 05, 2004


I hate Monday's. I am always tired and I always have to worry about all I have to get done during the next five days. Today didn't start out well. I went to physics and we got our tests back. The average was 38 out of 100. I got a 48, which makes me feel pretty smart since my two friends in the class both got below the average. I didn't really study for this test because I had one Monday as well, so I feel pretty fortunate for doing as well as I did. My prof told us that we got the lowest average score ever on one of his tests. We cheered about that. I started to not hate his quite as much when he said he was going to let us all retake it and we get which ever score is higher. That didn't last very long. He then decided to tell us all why he believes we didn't do well on the test: the book store didn't order the study guide to go along with the textbook. Apparently it isn't his fault at all that we didn't do well on this test, it's the book store's for not ordering the study guide. He is never at fault for anything. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't get his demonstration to work during class either. It was all due to friction.

I was going to start my physics homework tonight, but I just don't feel like it anymore. Maybe I will read the book I am having a quiz over tomorrow. I didn't even have enough energy to make supper tonight. I had the Reese's peanut butter cup one of my students gave me and some hot pepper beef jerky my mom bought for me yesterday.

There was one good thing that happened today. I tried on a black dress I wore to a dance in high school and it still fits. I now have something to wear to the banquet!! It is has spaghetti straps and is a little sparkly. Now I just need some shoes, but I really don't mind buying shoes even though I already got some new ones this weekend courtesy of my mother.

2 minutes later...

I just wandered into the kitchen to get some chocolate. My roomie and her boyfriend are sitting at the dining room table across from each other with their lap tops. I noticed Rey was playing Mah Jong on her computer and I made a comment about how addictive it was. Immediately Adam says, "You're playing a game?". Rey had said she would work on her paper if Adam worked on his. She had actually been playing the game the whole time Adam was actually working on his paper. It was hilarious. Probably not as hilarious as my telling of the story, but it was pretty funny.

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