Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Sometimes I get so fed up with the people I work with. First of all, they tend to leave their things on my bench and they don't come back to claim it. I made a little sign and taped it on my bench with bright orange tape that says "Please, do not leave your things on my bench". The next day there was a wad of aluminum foil sitting right next to my nice little sign!! My timer has been missing for a couple weeks now. I even wrote my name on the top with a Sharpie. My benchmate's is missing as well. Now we don't have any!! Also, our blue cart has been missing for two days. I need it to go pick up more biohazard boxes, which we seriously need right now.

I got a lot done today. I even made a big mess and cleaned it up. I was filling one of our water carboys and it overflowed. I probably would have got there in time if I had my timer timing it for me. Of course, Matt had to walk by right as I notice what is going on and start swearing and running around trying to turn the water filter off and looking for the blue diapers to soak up the water. He comes in and starts making fun of me, as usual, then he asks if I need help. I was thinking he was trying to be nice, yet I declined because I had it all under control. Then, he adds "I meant mental". He is lucky he was on the other side of the bench and I couldn't throw the beaker of DDH2O I was holding at him. He left after that. No wonder my boss thinks he and I treat each other like brother and sister. He and I basically picked on each other all day. At least it made the day more interesting.

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