Sunday, June 06, 2004

I hate the 80's

Ok it is now actually feeling like June in Iowa and I hate it. It is 83 degrees and I am wearing shorts. I don't like to wear shorts. Amanda is crazy for liking this weather. I do like the partly cloudiness of today though and it isn't too humid. We have big puffy clouds and just enough sun that I don't have to squint too much when I go outside sans sunglasses. The breeze is helpful, but not coming in my window. I really do prefer 60's and low 70's.

The picture of my odometer at 150,000 miles didn't turn out. I am not surprised it didn't, but I am a little disappointed. I did get a couple pics from Nicole of her and me that turned out quite nicely. I still really need to wash my car. It sat under a tree at my mom's house and it now has yellowish tree crap all over it. I had to buy Diet Vanilla Coke instead of Pepsi because it was cheaper and I have no money.

I am currently listening to a CD on my computer as if it was being played in a bathroom. I love playing with my computer I am gonna try 'padded cell' next or maybe 'drugged'.

I have a silver Sharpie!! I don't remember buying it or know why I would have bought it. It's pretty cool. I think that was just an example of the kind of dorky randomness or random dorkiness, I can't remember which, that Matt says I bring to the lab. Of course I am not at the lab right now but in my apartment. I think I need to rename my blog 'Random dorkiness' or 'Dorky Randomness' because it is probably more fitting.

Now, do I play my Gameboy or do I watch Buffy and crochet some more?

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