Wednesday, June 02, 2004

I just talked to Leah on AIM for about 3 hours. It was 2am there when we finally stopped so she could go to bed. I left work early because I had a bad headache that was starting to make me dizzy and decided to get online to see if Leah was on and she was!!!

Now I am bored again. Reservior Dogs is on TV right now. I want to watch it, but I don't like watching movies on TV that I have never seen before. The commercials get in the way and the cut out stuff. I think I may finish the book Amanda loaned me a couple months ago. I need to go to the library soon. I need more books to read. I wish I didn't read so fast sometimes so I could make the books last longer. I could finish rearranging my room, but I don't wanna. I am not sure where I want to put everything yet. I like that my bed is across from my TV, but I don't like where my bookshelf is. I think I just figured out where I want to put those two things. Now I have something to do!!! Now what CD do I listen to while moving my furniture?

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