Thursday, June 17, 2004

I still have no idea

I said my shoulder wouldn't be happy about me playing volleyball, and I was right. Yesterday it wasn't too bad, bt today it has been quite unhappy. so has my neck becuase I had to sleep in a funny position so as to avoid making my shoulder hurt.

I am watching Celebreity Poker Showdown again, which means I will be up until about 1:00. No wonder I am always tired. I want to be at work at 8:00 tomorrow which requires me getting up by at least 7:00. I am usually good with 6 hours of sleep, but lately I have been quite lazy and sleeping in until 8:00. I really need someone at work to make me be there at 8:00. I guess since very few people show up at the lab until after 9:00 anyway, it doesn't really matter if I am there. I did get my second high school boy, so I do need to keep him occupied. Also, the family my project was based on was decided to be too complicated, so I was given a different one today, but I think it will be changing again because the person basically training me can't really handle doing another family. I think I will probably end up helping her with her research, yet still learning the basics of how to go about genetic research. I think this will be easier and less stressful, yet I just want to know what I am going to do. It's already halfway through June, and I still have not idea what I am doing at all this summer!!!

Now I am going to French braid my hair, that is if it is still long enough to stay in a braid. I got two compliments today on my not-so-newly shortened, cute hair! I love compliments!! I think I put it up too often.


leahwipf said...

i never did get pictures of haircuts...

Amanda said...

Yes, I think you should wear it down more often.

Not in Tae Kwon Do, of course, that leads to hair-whipped face.

Chelsea said...

I coule never wear it down at tae kwon do. I don't know how Linda does it.

I often have to wear it up at work because I wear latex gloves a lot of the time and can't use my hands to push my hair out of my face. It always manages to get in my face when I am wearing gloves too. Especially now that I have shorter pieces around my face. Actually the pic of Nicole and me at the concert is post-haircut, but as usual, my hair is up.

I will wear it down to the movie tonight, I promise.