Monday, June 14, 2004

Two movies in one night!!!

I skipped tkd tonight to watch a movie with Nicole. We decided we wanted to watch the original version of The Stepford Wives, so we went to Mr. Movies for 99 cent movies, but they didn't have it. We ended up watching 21 Grams. Interesting but kinda confusing movie. While we were watching that, I got a call from Kristen wondering if I would like to go see The Stepford Wives. I thought that was kinda funny. Anyway, Nicole and I did see The Stepford Wives tonight. It just wasn't the version we intended to see. It was creepy in a funny way, but I heard the original is more of a horror movie, so I really want to see that one. I liked it, but it was more of a comedy than anything.

I played volleyball with Matt and his friends last Tuesday, but they don't need me this week. It looks like I will be playing next week though. I will probably watch some QE and maybe get some sleep, since I never seem to do that. I am not sure it will work, because even when I try to go to bed early I just end up turning the TV on after about an hour of laying there trying to fall asleep and then watch it for at least another hour or so until my usual bed time. I think I will go watch the second showing of The Daily Show tonight.

And I now know the origins of Frostin's AIM screen names, and Kristen finally made another post!!!!! And this website has 268 different types of flip-flops!!! It could be my downfall if only the cheapest pair cost less than $12. I usually pay no more than $10 for a pair except for the ones that cost more than $10.


Amanda said...

Sheesh. Blow someone off a few times, and you don't even get asked to go somewhere. ;) I know, I know, I was busy and couldn't have gone anyway.

As long as we can go see Dodgeball this weekend, I will be placated.

Chelsea said...

I wasn't the one doing the calling, so you can't blame me. I assumed you had been called.

I would love to go to Dodgball this weekend.

Amanda said...

No, that was a jab at Kristen.