Thursday, June 10, 2004

You + Me + Village Inn + Pie = good damn times

That is the email I received from Nicole after I taught TKD tonight. I then picked her up and we went to The Village Inn. I had a good meal which included a grilled chicken sandwich with avocado and mushrooms, because I am boring and a big fan of chicken, which is why I always order it. I even ate my fries, and I don't usually eat fries. After that I had a very large piece of pie which, according to Nicole I 'gutted and made dance'. In reality I took off the whipped cream, becuase I don't like it, and then the pie got stuck on my fork and I shook it off which made it look like it was dancing, I guess. I really didn't want to make anything for supper tonight and that was the perfect solution.

I don't really like to play poker, probably 'cause I don't know how, yet I love to watch Celebrity Poker Showdown. I may even stay awake until 1:00 to watch it, because I am dumb and don't sleep enough.

I really need to clean my room before my mom and sis come on Saturday. I thought I was going to have Saturday to clean because they were originally going to come on Sunday, but changed their minds. Now I am not sure when I am going to clean.

These lovely little things are why my right hand is kinda sore right now. I haven't used pipettemen a lot until this week and my hand likes to let me know. I am not very good at using them yet either. I am really slow and the fact that my hands have been kind of shaky doesn't help when you are trying to put microliters of solutions into little tubes or the wells of a gel. You feel all scientific when you first start using them, but after awhile you realize it is pretty monotonous and not all that scientific since all you have to do is push the button and twist the nob to the correct amount. At least I will have a buff thumb by the end of the summer.

My mosquito bites are itching now. It has been three days. Shouldn't they be gone by now?

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