Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Stephanie started packing and moving a bunch of her stuff out yesterday.  She took some normal stuff like her dresser and a couch and some other stuff like that, but then she also packed some of her bathroom stuff, which I thought was weird since we are still living there for another week and a half.  She and Seth rented a garage which I also think is weird since they are moving to the other end of our building.  Now they will be moving everything twice!!  Sorry, I will stop writing about stuff you probably don't really care about anyway, but I had to tell someone. 
I have a new bed!!!!  My dad picked up a queen mattress, box spring and frame for me yesterday.  He said it all cost half as much as his matress and box spring, and I thought mine was expensive.  I think he is going to bring it when I move in.  I really don't have the money to pay him back right now, but he is willing to work something out with me!!  Now I need to buy new bedding, which could be kinda fun as well as expensive.  He also bought himself a widescreen TV and entertainment system.  I thought he couldn't afford one right now, but I guess I was wrong. 
I got an email from my grandma yesterday saying she had tried to call me but I didn't answer.  She had called my old dorm room.  She has called my at my apartment before so I know she has the number.  She also told me she didn't have my cell phone number, which I know she does because she has called me on it before as well.  This is why I love grandmas. :)
I am going to be playing volleyball again tonight with Matt and his friends.  I htink I will be playing every week now because his friend broke her tibia and can't really play any more.  I love to play, but it is going to be so hot and humid.  The game is at 6:00 so it won't have cooled down much by then either. 
It looks like I will be taking my sister's boyfriend with me to our cabin in MN.  At one point it sounded like I was going to be taking a bunch of her friends with me, but I think it is only Jeff now.  It may be an interesting 9 hour drive.  If anyone else wants to join us please do.  We are leaving from Eldora on the 8th and will come back the following weekend. 
Can you tell I don't have a lot to do at work right now?  The woman I am helping with her research is in Maine for the next two weeks, so I don't have a whole lot to do.  The two high school boys pretty much take care of all the work I used to do and they yell at me for making them wash their hands.  It's fun!!


leahwipf said...

I'm glad you like grandmas' muddled brains, cause I get really pissed when people forget things like that...

Chelsea said...

Granny is always like that. She tells you the same story several times and it takes her forever to tell you the simplest stories. she adds every detail and repeats those as well. I can barely stand it.

it did kind of annoy me at first, i will admit.