Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Sorry for all the linkage!! I think I got a little excited about having internet again.

I think I may have to wear a long sleeve shirt tomorrow. One lady at work was worried that I was being beaten when she noticed my arms. Once I told her how I got my bruises and she saw that they weren't hand shaped she felt better. I realized I probably shouldn't be walking around the hospital in a short sleeve shirt with very noticable bruises on my arms.

Tonight Laura, Nicole and I ordered Pokey Stix!! They were quite tasty. Each of us only had five dollar bills so we ended up giving the delivery guy $15 for an $11 something order and he was very excited about it. Laura wanted to get 75 cents back from him, but Nicole let him keep it. We also played around outside while the storm was coming. I also got yelled at because I forgot my alcohol upstairs and Nic wanted a Jack and Coke, so I ran upstairs and got it. We put it all on the wine rack of my 'bar'. Then Nicole wanted to get ice cream and DQ, but I had to go play volleyball. I would much rather have gone for ice cream then play volleyball in the wet sand. We lost and as we were leaving Matt said "Is it me or is this not fun with the team we have now?" It isn't just him. It used to be fun, but now it isn't. Some of the people just make it hard to have fun.

I am getting kinda hungry again. Probably because this is when I usually eat supper. I can't decide if I want toasted portabello mushroom ravioli or mini tacos. I just bought a whole bunch of frozen food since I will be leaving on Saturday. I guess I could be healthy and eat some watermelon, but I think i would rather have that for breakfast instead of the puppy chow I had for breakfast this morning.


leahwipf said...

Explain the new team thing...

Chelsea said...

It's not really a new team. different people play with us all the time becuase of their schedules and the people playing with us lately aren't as fun to play with.