Sunday, September 12, 2004

Stress Level: HIGH!!!

So I still have some work to do as well as some homework. I have a quiz on Tuesday, a paper due Friday and a test first thing Friday morning. With Josh's birthday on Thursday, I have a lot to get done by Wednesday. The paper is only 3 pages long, but it requires me interviewing a woman I know. I don't know what questions to ask yet. I think I may interview Joanna since she lives with me. I also need to make flashcards for my quiz Tuesday. At least I know it is over the amino acids, but there are about 20 of them and I have to know all of their chemical structures as well as some of their chemical properties. Yay!!! I think I need at least one more day in this week.

Shauna and Josh came again on Friday and Shauna and I watched Buffy while Josh went to his interview. While we were watching Buffy, the maintenance guy came to dump some stuff down my shower drain. He turned on the fan, opened the window and quickly left as he told us it smelled pretty bad. That was an understatement. It was horrible. Shauna and I were turning on fans, opening windows and lighting candles. I wondered for a moment if it all going to ignite if I tried to light a candle, but I went for it anyway. No explosion followed. When Josh got back, we left for Davenport to escape the stench.

As I am sure most of you know, Shauna and Josh now have a place to live. Shauna even has a job and Josh isn't happy with the one he applied for. I helped them move again on Saturday. It went pretty quickly. Then the three of us showered at my place and spent the rest of the night watching the 3rd season of Buffy, eating pizza and drinking beer. We started with two six packs, finished those off and ended up making a beer run later that night.

Anyway, today was fun. I woke up with a headache that never really went away. We sat around and watched Buffy again this morning before Josh and Shauna headed back to Davenport and I left for a thing I actually didn't have to go to. I didn't really eat breakfast or lunch and I had supper around 5:00. My stomach wasn't feeling so great at all today. Slightly better now. For some reason I felt the need to make chocolate chip cookies today and Joanna is making a square pie even though none of us are feeling all that great today.

On top of not feeling well, I got into my first car accident today!!! An old guy suddenly walked in front of the car two ahead of me so we all slammed on our breaks and with my breaks not being so good, I hit the car in front of me. Luckily neither of us had any damage.

While we were doing all the moving, my roommates spent the day drinking, passing out and puking. It sounded like they had fun.

Let the fun begin!!


nasrin said...

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nasrin said...

Help us fight injustice in Iran. Please sign our petition opposing the death penalty for minors.

kristen said...

what did those first comments have to do with anything?
anyway if you run out of time on your paper, i formally give you my permission to "interview" me - by which i mean you can make stuff up as you write it that works well into your paper and just use my name - no matter how embarrassing (so long as i don't know anyone in your class)

Chelsea said...

Thanks!! That totally rocks. I may have to do that. I was thinking about interviewing one of my roommates if I have to. My main problem is coming up with questions.

I am not at all sure what those first two comments are. I think someone was just hitting the 'next blog' thing and commenting on them all. Weird stuff.