Tuesday, October 12, 2004

I don't know where my roomies are!! I usually have some idea of what they are doing, but I currently have no idea. I haven't seen them at all today except for the bus ride to campus with Nicole.

My shoulder hurts. It's the one I hurt last fall while mountain biking, but now I have no idea what it's problem is. It just hurts. I wonder if I slept on it funny, but I don't remember noticing it hurting until I was at the Gym Nest last night.

Herky was in my dance class today!! One of the guys in my class is one of the Herky's and he came dressed in the outfit today. I am not sure why he did, but we acted like it was nothing. People kept walking by and looking in to watch a guy in a Herky costume dance. He sat down in front of me when we were warming up and accidentally touched my foot while we were stretching and then tickled my foot. That was kind of weird, but otherwise it was a pretty normal dance class.

Someone just walked in!! It's Nicole!!


Amanda said...

I wonder if your shoulder will hurt you when the weather changes from now on.

Chelsea said...

That makes me feel like an old crochety woman with arthritis.