Thursday, October 14, 2004

I only cried once!!

Rey is leaving tomorrow morning :(. She starts her new job as a physical therapist on Monday in Denver. I just got back from a going-away/congratulations party for her at Adam's parent's house in CR. Her dad took us out to Perkins afterwards because all we go was cake at the party. The 'party' ended with all of us crying. Adam said that was not how he expected it to end. Rey asked me if I could tutor Adam's sister in geometry because she won't be able to anymore. I said I could definitely try. I haven't done geometry in such a long time, but I would like to think I can figure it out.

Her dad is a big sweetie. He gave me a hug when he saw me and paid for my meal at Perkins. He and I talked about how important college is and how proud of Rey he is.

Rey and I became pretty good friends really quickly after she moved in. We kind of knew each other from the training room at the Field House because she did my treatment quite often and taped my wrist a few times. We also bonded over our issues with Stephanie. I also get along really well with Adam. They moved up their wedding date to October 8, 2005 instead of September 16, 2006 because she is moving to Colorado. Adam is following after he finishes this semester and is going to finish school out there. I am going to miss him too when he leaves. He is such a nice guy.

I am so happy for her because she finally found a job but I am really going to miss her. She applied for over 40 at the hospital and was rejected for all of them. Probably because she was over qualified.

I got to see their wedding rings!! They are so pretty. I remember the day Adam showed me the engagement ring. He was so nervous because he had gone to Denver while Rey was out of town to ask for her parent's permission, and he didn't want her to know that he had gone to see them. I helped him make it look like he had been around and I cleaned their fish tank because he told her he would clean it that weekend.

I am going to watch The Daily Show and head to bed. I still have to go to school tomorrow.'s a rerun.


Amanda said...

It's always very sad when friends move away.

Chelsea said...

I probably won't get to see her until the wedding in a year. Her dad said if I didn't go to the wedding he would personally come and bring to Denver himself.