Tuesday, October 05, 2004

It's debate time again!!! I have been half watching the debate while I do my physics pre-lab and play on my computer. Nicole and I were trying to figure out how old John Edwards and the rest were so we looked it up. How old do you think John Edwards is? We were thinking he was in his early to mid 40's, but we learned he was born in 1953!!! That means he is about 51!!! I don't think he looks that old. He's the same age as my parents. Bush was born in 1946, Kerry in 1943 and Cheney in 1941.

I just realized I hadn't flipped my calendar over to October and I was just whining this weekend about Josh changing his calendar. I usually do that for him. I am such a dork.

I have more poetry to read. I really don't like reading poetry. I don't enjoy it and I don't like to look for it's 'hidden' meaning. Tell me what you want to tell me, but be straightforward about it. Don't try to hid it all behind pretty words and symbols and whatever else they use. I think most English majors probably want to kick me after writing that.

I still don't know what I want to do for Halloween. I several options, but haven't really done any investigating for any of them. I need to get on that.

Has everyone gotten the invite for pumpkin carving and debate watching on Friday night after tkd? Maybe we can do some costume brainstorming then. I plan to make some pumpkin bread and possibly some more chocolate chip or peanut butter M&M bars.

I think it's time to use my newly acquired tea kettle to make some tea or possibly hot chocolate. Or maybe I will go kinda in between the two and make some chai tea. I still need to read that poetry.


Amanda said...

I forgot to flip my calendar, too. Though I much prefer to look at Angel than Connor.

I was thinking puppy chow for Friday, but now I'm thinking caramel rice krispie treats might hit the spot.

Chelsea said...

It sounds like we are going to have quite the feast!! I want to make that pumpkin bread because it seems fitting. The chocolate chip bars I just want to make because the last batch turned out really well.

kristen said...

re: the poetry.
tod and i had a fun discussion about the same thing not too long ago. i think it was instigated about some poem about a fork that looked like a bird or something. if there was some hidden meaning there i missed it and if it didnt - well whats the point? i have read a few poets with points who i really like, but the rest - well they suck donkey balls. we should talk about this at the pumkin carving party.