Monday, October 11, 2004


Nicole and I just watched a show on PATV that was just a bunch of carved pumpkins. We watched it for about 20 minutes. I already carved a pumpkin, which I accidentally left it at Josh and Shauna's along with some other stuff, but I am now inspired to carve another. I want to carve Pacman or Ms. Pacman and a ghost. I think I may try to put them both on one pumpkin with Pacman about to eat the ghost. I think I am leaning towards Ms. Pacman.

I let my sister use my car this weekend, which she still claims is her car too, and to pay for the gas she used she left me $3 in my car. Nicole suggested that I leave very little gas in the tank when she wants to take it in a couple weeks. Does she not realize that I am basically supporting myself on about $400 a month and $350 or more of that goes toward my rent and bills? I also need to get the oil changed.

It's my cousin Bailey's birthday and I really need to email her. I didn't forget her birthday; I just haven't gotten around to emailing her yet.


Amanda said...

I have not gotten around to carving my pumpkin yet. I blame Josh.

Chelsea said...

Why are you blaming him? You didn't come to the carving party.