Thursday, December 09, 2004

This week on Unsolved Mysteries...

Normally I like receiving cards in the mail. I don't get them very often or mail for that matter. Today I saw a pretty purple envelope with my name written on it sitting on the hutch. There was no return address, so I was very curious. I noticed the postmark was Decorah, but I couldn't think of anyone I knew from the Decorah area. I eagerly opened it and read the front of the card. It said something about what a sister is, so I was trying to figure out why Lex sent me a card. I was thinking it might be because I let her use my car all the time. I finish reading the front of the card and open it up. It's a birthday card from someone named Sarah. I don't know anyone named Sarah, other than my roomie's friend, and I certainly don't have a sister named Sarah. I looked at the address and it says apartment 67, not 62, and is only addressed to "Chelsea." I am very confused right now. I think I will take a nap.


I figured it out!! There's a girl in Tacia's old apartment, 67, that is named Chelsea!!! I left the card outside her door. Mystery solved!

Now I should get back to studying.

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Amanda said...

I don't think you're on my Christmas card list. Email me your mailing address.