Friday, February 18, 2005

I have a puppy!!! Well, not really... but isn't it a cute beagle?


Amanda said...

I've seen you in a skirt, like, once, and heels, like, never.

And he's all right, for a dog.

Oh, I've been meaning to ask...Drop who like a toilet seat?

Chelsea said...

That's why I put "me" in a skirt. You don't like beagles?

It's a quote from Best of the Best, a bad martial arts movie Josh and I watched one Saturday afternoon over a month ago.

Amanda said...

I don't like dogs.

And this quote is much funnier. You are much more entertaining than a bad martial arts movie.

Chelsea said...

I am glad I am more entertaining than a bad martial arts movie. I honestly can't remember if I said "boobs" or "chest", but I figure it doesn't really matter because it is funny either way.

I am pretty sure I wore heels to the TKD banquet last year b/c you commented on the fact that I seemed tall to you.