Wednesday, March 02, 2005

I made a quiche!!

I made a quiche tonight. I made it tonight so I could have something other than frozen waffles for breakfast tomorrow morning. It is way tasty and so easy. I put spinach, mushrooms and cheese in it. I think I may add more cheese next time. I decided to eat a piece tonight because it smelled so good. I have never made a quiche before so I am quite happy that it turned out so well. I am finally getting tired, so I think I will cover my quiche and head to bed. I took Wal-Mart style Tylenol PM almost 2 hours ago and I am just now feeling sleepy. What's wrong with me?

I did something to my knee last Friday night at TKD and it still isn't feeling the greatest. I think I am going to take tomorrow night off to let my knee and my bruised foot heal. I kicked the bag wrong once and have been paying for it for almost 2 weeks now becaue I keep kicking things and the bruise doesn't get a chance to heal. And I have a paper cut.


Amanda said...

Graceful, indeed.

Chelsea said...

What's that supposed to mean?