Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I wish I had money! (at least $200 anyway)

I really want an MP3 player. I am currently looking at this one. I can't decide between green or purple. I don't know why it matters since I can't afford one anyway. It has this thing so you can listen to it in your car. I will have a new car soon that has a CD player so I won't have to listen to the radio all the time, but an MP3 player would be so nice. I like these better than iPods because they have FM radios and the radio thing I just mentioned as well as playing more of the audio formats I am used to and it comes in colors I like better. They seem pretty much the same otherwise.

I blame Josh for getting me thinking about these things again; he has been looking at them. Do you think I can convince him to buy me one? He was talking about getting a digital camera (which I also want) and then letting me hold on to it since he has his sister's if he really wants one. Do you think I could convince him to do the same with an MP3 player?

I am really going to need one in the fall when our lab moves to a new building and we are all in one room. My bench is going to be right in the middle of the room, so I will hear pretty much everything going on in the lab. Currently we occupy several rooms, each with their own radio. I don't know how we are going to handle 6 radios in one room. I have a feeling everyone is going to be walking around with headphones. Some people already do! Who wants to donate to the 'Chelsea MP3 Player Fund'?

I have been drinking a lot of carbonated water lately. It is better for me than pop, and I am sick of drinking plain water all the time. I have already had two cans tonight and am thinking of having another.

I made some excellent creamy, cheesy spinach pesto and chicken pasta tonight and some coffe flavored chocolate chip cookies last night. They aren't too bad either!

Is it weird that Josh called me two times yesterday and the calls were 12 hours apart: 11:17am and 11:17pm?


Amanda said...

I was just notified that my iShuffle shipped! [raspberry]

My parents get this carbonated lemonade that is really good. I also used to drink tons of the generic Wal-Mart brand carbonated water. Some of them taste just like pop.

Chelsea said...

I am sooooooo jealous!!!!

I used to drink the Wal-Mart stuff too. I like this stuff better because it isn't as sweet.