Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I have an iPod!!!!!

My sister called my on Monday to tell me my iPod arrived. I was confused because I didn't even know I was getting an iPod. My mom and I had talked about it, but I told it wasn't necessary, so I didn't think she actually bought me one. She got it using one of our friends educators discount. He ordered iPods for Lexsea, me and hopefully himself and possibly Corey. I know Corey was there because I could here him talking in the background when my mom called me.

The one I got holds 4GB and is green! My mom even had my name put on it because it was free. I personally would rather not have my name on it, but I am not paying for the iPod so I won't complain too much :p

I am going to look at fun accessories for it now!

Check this out. Shawn showed it to me at work yesterday and we were probably annoying everyone with our laughing!!!
Triumph vs Star Wars


Amanda said...

Sweet! You'll be spending tons of time making playlists now.

Chelsea said...

I think I will be playing with it a lot this weekend. Lex is bringing it tomorrow! It's a good thing Josh works all weekend!

Amanda said...

You better leave time for cookies.

Chelsea said...

I don't think I can do cookies this weekend :(

I have to go to my dad's on Saturday afternoon now and my Sunday has also become rather full.