Saturday, August 13, 2005

I can't believe what we accomplished today. I am exhausted but happy with how it is all going. My aunt and I rearranged and seriously cleaned the laundry room. There were those stupid Japanese beetles everywhere. The floors in there and the kitchen are a linoleum from the 70's and for whatever reason, most likely wax residues, they are extremely tacky and dirt clings to them and is really hard to get off. My aunt and I used ammonia, a Swiffer and some sponges and scrubbed the floor by hand with a sponged while crouching. We then went over it with a Swiffer dipped in the ammonia solution. My feet are killing me. My uncle and cousin removed the counter tops and put in the new ones. They are gorgeous! We did run in to one problem with some adhexive on the walls behind the backsplash. We discovered it was water soluble and with the help of some sharpened chisels we scraped it off in about 3 hours including trips to the hardware store. Jordan and I also trimmed the two hedges in front and to the side of the house.

Tomorrow we have to grout the tile that is being used as a backsplash and plumb the sink as well as clean out the bottom cupboards and replace everything in the cupboards. Jordan and I also need to finish up the hedge. I wish I could be around when my mom gets home and sees what has happened to her kitchen.

I can't thank my aunt, uncle and cousins enough for doing this for her. She has had such a hard year and a half between the divorce and almost losing her job and the stress of having to do the work of 5 people since she is short on staff. I am so glad she is at our cabin and not worrying about work too much.

I am going to shower and put on some clothes not cover in dirt, grime and dust.


Amanda said...

You didn't get to see her reaction? How disappointing! But that was a really nice thing to do for her, and I bet it looks really nice now!

Chelsea said...

She won't be home until Thursday, so I will probably be getting a phone call sometime tomorrow night!