Sunday, October 23, 2005


Usually Josh is the one showing me new things such as movies, music, TV shows, restaurants, stores, etc. But last night I introduced him to Strong Bad Email from I have a set of DVDs with 100 of the cartoons. After one failed attempt to get him to watch them on Friday night, I put one of the DVDs in while he was playing Doom on my computer. When he stopped for a little bit, he caught part of one of them and thought it was funny. Saturday night, after watching Doom, we went back to my place and he decided he wanted to watch some more of them. After we made it through the first disc we started on the second disc. This morning we finished the second and third discs. He is now addicted and wants to go as Strong Bad for Halloween. Randal and I would talk about Strong Bad at the Nest on Occasion, but Josh never seemed remotely interested. For once, I got him interested in something new instead of the other way around!


Lexsea said...

Aren't sister gifts the greatest!

Chelsea said...

Sometimes. This one has been enjoyable anyway.