Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am not sure what to think. Dr. Smith can only give me a temporary appointment that would last until about June, and as much as I want to keep working there, mostly because I am comfortable, I don't want to have to find another job in June. I would pretty much have to keep job hunting now to have another job by then. The thing is, I know I want to leave Iowa City in about a year, and I would feel guilty leaving a job after a year. I know people do it all the time, but I would still feel guilty. I wouldn't feel bad leaving the Smith lab because I have already worked there for more than 3 years.

Josh is hoping I can go on a trip with him in late February. He has to take a week of vacation by April or he is going to lose vacation time. He is hoping I will be able to go with him and so am I. Working in a lab is pretty flexible and I may not even be able to start for at least a month after being hired, but I am still worried that I may not be able to go with him. I don't want to jeapordize my 'career' just so I can go on vacation with my boyfriend, but I really want to go on vacation with him.

Is it weird that I keep forgetting about my birthday? I am gonna go clean my closet.


Amanda said...

Dude! It's today! Happy Birthday!

I bought a card for you a while ago, to save until it was your birthday, because it was "you". Wonder where I put it?

Chelsea said...

How am I supposed to remember where you put my birthday card when I can't even remember my birthday itself!