Thursday, April 06, 2006


A girl in my lab showed me this site. Instead of using your regular search engine use this one. It donates one cent to a charity every time you search with it. I have mine set for UI Dance Marathon. All you need to do is type in University of Iowa Dance Marathon at the bottom, click "Verify" and select the correct one. You can even add the search bar to your browser.

GoodSearch : Welcome to GoodSearch, a Yahoo-powered search engine that donates money to your favorite charity or school each time you search the web.

Also if anyone is interested in joining The Preemie Project with, let me know. You can donate supplies or I can teach you how to crochet and possibly knit. I have a link to their website in the sidebar under "Links". I dreamt that I could knit last night, so I am hoping I still can.

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Bailey said...

If you ever need yarn or needles or what not, just let me know!