Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Another post!!!!

I am trying really hard not to freak out, but I occasionally just can't help it! My next 2 weeks are so crazy that I can't figure out what to do first!

My mom has foot surgery tomorrow. It was supposed to be Tuesday, but that didn't happen due to insurance complications so it is now tomorrow. That kind of screwed up my plans. AFter her follow-up appt. on Monday, she wants togo to our cabin to convalesce because she likes it better there and my grandpa was in a wheelchair so it has ramps and wide doors and stuff that makes it easier to get around. I have gone to our cabin every year since I was born. I would feel weird if I didn't go. The problem is they, i.e. my mom and sis, will be up there the two weeks around the time I am moving. Ergo, I can only be up there a couple days. Two days worth of driving for two days of cabin time. Kind of a waste of gas, but I am going ahead with it. I have to be back by next Friday to give my dad a ride home after RAGBRAI.

So basically I am going to Eldora tomorrow afternoon and coming back to IC sometime Friday. I will pretty much finish packing this weekend and go to work on Monday then back to Eldora that night. We will caravan the 7 hours to our cabin on Tuesday. On Friday I will drive back to IC and Saturday I will drive to Muscatine then Ames then back to IC again. I don't think I am going to have enough money for gas. I should probably go to work on Sunday for a little while. Monday we have to be out of our apartment at 11:45am and then I can move in on Tuesday at noon.

Ok...I'm done.


Amanda said...

If I were you, I'd be freaking out, too. I was freaking out after being sick all weekend and not getting anything done for class or laundry or anything else I'd been planning on. I have almost no clean clothes. I even shaved my legs yesterday so I could wear a skirt today. It's that bad. It's not even the weekend!

Chelsea said...

I'm glad it's not just me. I may not go to the cabin. It would be the first time I haven't gone to our cabin over the summer in 22 years. It makes me sad to think about not going.

Lexsea said... have to go!!!!! Otherwise it will just be mom and I!!! And we need to gamble!!!!!

Chelsea said...

It should be "mom and me". Who taught you English? I guess I can let it go since you were in a non-English-speaking country for a couple months.

Amanda said...

I didn't go on vacation with my parents one year - my way of asserting independence, I guess. It's the reason I've never been to Florida, but I don't necessarily regret it.