Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Almost all of my stuff is now in my new apartment. The rest of it is in Amanda's garage. I have a lot of stuff. I am not sure how it happend. I think I had 3 boxes of books and at least two of shoes. I think I had a suitcase, laundry basket, and suitcase or two filled with clothes. I probably don't even wear half of them. I think I need to do some major getting-rid-of-stuff before I move again. We still have to get Josh's stuff in here!!!

Today I went to Target to get the random stuff we need around here. I got kitchen towels and dishcloths as well as some scrubby thingies. For the bathroom I got a shower caddy and a rubber duckie to go with our shower curtain. I also picked up paper towels,toilet paper and napkins in somewhat large quantities. I also got a pair of shorts and a sports bra since I seem to be short on both. Somehow all that stuff added up to over $80! Most of the stuff was $3-4 and it all fit in 3 plastic bags, other than the paper products. It's crazy how the little stuff adds up so quickly.

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Amanda said...

Josh forgot your bicycle. You also left some hamburger and butter in my fridge. I don't mind the bike, but you may want to use the hamburger before it goes bad. Would you like me to stick it in the freezer?