Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I think I have all my Christmas presents ready except for one more meal to make for my mom. I will be making it tonight. I am almost out of freezer space. I still may make a few batches of cookie dough to freeze and slice into ready-to-bake pieces. I am thinking chocolate chip, molasses, sugar and possibly something else.

I need to figure out how to be productive tomorrow in the lab. A lot of what I need to do will take a couple of days in a row so I can't really get started tomorrow. I hate having nothing to do at the lab.

I keep wanting to buy books. I don't expect to get any for Christmas so I should be safe with any I buy, but I really don't need any more books. I have a whole library at my disposal! I may need to stop at the library before I head to Eldora tomorrow so I have something else to read. I may check-out some books by Cornelia Funke. I may also see if I can find any good knitting or crocheting books to take with me so I can improve my mad knitting and crocheting skills.


Amanda said...

Ooh, another kid's author! I'm almost done with the Series of Unfortunate Events, and wouldn't mind continuing to pop in on the children's section once in a while.

Chelsea said...

I'll let you know how I like them. My boss actually was talking about them the other day during our fave books discussion. We have discovered our mutual love for juvenile/young adult fiction.

Amanda said...

Dude, we're twins. What were you expecting?