Friday, January 05, 2007

I am glad it is Friday. I really did not want to go to work when Tuesday came around. That first day back is always the hardest. I hadn't been keeping very good notes of what I had done before my vacation, so when I got back to the lab I had to spend a couple hours reorganizing all my work and figuring what I needed to do. Now it's Friday, and I am ready for the weekend. I will be in and out of the lab this weekend, but it won't be that bad and it will make me feel a bit less useless if I get something productive done.

So I made the brownies, and I think they turned out quite well. Definitely a recipe I will use again. As for the chicken cacciatore I made, I think it also turned out well even though I made a few omissions and additions. Tonight I am planning on making a pizza. A store-bought pizza crust topped with a creamy pesto sauce (from a package, b/c it's pretty easy), mozzarella, feta, green pepper, chicken, and tomato, if I can find any that look good. I am hopeful since I saw some cute, little, still-on-the-vine tomatoes at Hy-Vee last night. I am looking forward to this pizza. Maybe I can sneak some spinach on when Josh isn't looking.

I believe Josh wants to brew some more beer tomorrow. I took some picture of the last brewing adventure and I will try to remember to post them. Josh wanted some pics of him with his new brewmaster apron. He even bought a fabric paint pen so he can write the names of his brews on his apron.

I went to the Field House to get a new fitness pass today, but they don't go on sale until Monday!! I was really hoping to workout tomorrow while I had an hour of downtime at the lab. I assumed my pass expired on the 31st, but maybe I was wrong. I will have to check it when I get home. I really want to do something since i am bout over my chest cold.

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