Tuesday, January 09, 2007


Josh stirring the wort. The Wort chiller is the copper spiral with plastic tubing coming out of it. That was his Christmas present.

A close-up of the wort while it is boiling. It sorta looks like beer.

The new apron. It must make it official.

Apparently my cheap drip pans can't take the heat. Sadly, they are the only ones I can find that fit our stove.


Amanda said...

When I was drinking Guinness Saturday, it tasted a little thin to me. Rachael didn't notice a difference, so I think my frame of reference has changed when it comes to stouts. I blame Josh. Or the Red Hand Milk Stout. Out of the two, I prefer to blame Josh.

Chelsea said...

Blame Josh all you want, but I don't think he will mind. I think he is brewing something right now. We made more amber whenever I took those pictures (Saturday??), and I believe that's what he's making today. We made a red ale a week ago. I think he also bought a Scotch or Scottish ale kit, there is a difference, and something else.