Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Last night was supposed to be a relaxing night. No tae kwon do, no work, just sit around and watch NCIS and Veronica Mars. It was going good until about 10:00. Josh decided to make some hot chocolate. That would have been fine if he had turned on the correct burner and I hadn't left a potholder on the burner he did turn on. So we are down one pot holder, my new set of tongs, the burner, the drip pan and the as yet unidentified bottle of spices that melted to said burner. I am now glad I have taken the fire safety training for work about 4 times now or I may not have been as efficient with the fire extinguisher. I probably would have gone for water if it wasn't burning so much. I was worried it would damage the oven and I didn't want to pay for a new oven. I have a feeling the fire extinguisher is cheaper than an oven. I have a few pics I will share if they turned out well.

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