Monday, April 09, 2007

I did quite a bit of baking this weekend. I hadn't done any in quite awhile, which is probably for the best so i don't have deserts laying around. Saturday night i started a loaf of No Knead Bread. the second rise didn't go very well for me. I don't think my apartment is warm enough. I didn't do a good job of shaping the dough ball either. It wouldn't hold it's shape. the recipe calls for a 6-8 qt pan, but I think something in the 4qt range would be sufficient. I think it may have come out rounder if I had used a smaller rounder dish. As for the taste, it was quite nice. It had a nice chewy and crunchy crust with a slightly yeasty taste. Mine was a little dense due to the lack of rise. I probably could have baked it a little longer, but the soup was ready and I was impatient. I will definitely be trying this again. I made creamy chicken and wild rice soup to go with the bread. I made a lot of soup; I didn't mean to.

I also made some banana bread using the recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook. I wasn't too impressed with it. It may have been better if I had baked it in to small pans rather than one large one. The outside got a little dark before the middle was done. Josh was quite worried that it would be burnt. I used a buttermilk powder rather than real buttermilk b/c the editors of Cooks' Illustrated told me it works in baked goods almost as well as buttermilk. I am not sure how much that substitution had to do with how it baked.

I started a pair of baby socks for a baby to be born in May. I think they are going to be quite cute if I don't totally mangle them.


OfTroy said...

susan (of makes the NYTimes no knead bread all the times, (i think she lets it rise the second time in the fridge)

she also has made some variations (like an olive loaf)

thanks for your comments on my blog, happy knitting!

Chelsea said...

Thanks oftroy!