Monday, April 02, 2007

Not really sure why I have been bad about this blog thing. There is no good reason.

I My current WIPs are Widdershins in Sockotta #6673. I am also working on Jaywalkers using Meilenweit #325. I should be starting Thermal for my sis soon. I need to refine my Wicket pattern. His arms look funny and I didn't write down what I did (duh!) so I am going to have to go back and count stitches to figure out what I did.

I also need to make some banana bread. I have very ripe bananas waiting for me in the freezer. Maybe it will happen tomorrow night. I may also try my hand at No Knead Bread sometime soon. I have always wanted to make a yeast bread and this looks like a good starting point. I hope my Dutch oven is large enough. It's only a 5 quart and this calls for a 6-8qt pot. I may try it in my insanely large skillet which looks more like a weapon than a pot. I really need to bake something soon. I haven't baked in a couple weeks. I haven't had the time or the energy. My cousin called to ask for my brownie recipe, which I usually have memorized, but I could not remember it today. It has been too long!!! I didn't even have a bag of chocolate chips in my apartment!! That is almost unheard of!

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