Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy May Day!

The UPS guy tried to give me my new shopping bags and a container to contain my knit and crochet WIPs yesterday, but I wasn't there. I am quite looking forward to their arrival today. I need to go to the grocery store and want to try them out.

I have restarted Norberta because I am actually better at knitting than when I originally started her so she hopefully won't be quite as sloppy as my first attempt. I am also working on a baby hat that I didn't get done for the baby shower on Sunday. I want to have it done by Friday because I know I will see the mom-to-be at our tae kwon do club's testing. I should try to finish Wicket sometime too. I am having trouble with his arms. I may just need to make him larger in general to get the arms to work.

I found out who my pal is for sockapalooza4 and I am looking forward to finding some yarn and a fitting pattern. It may be my excuse to go to my LYS today. I haven't been there for quite awhile.

I was totally not prepared for almost 90 degree weather this weekend. It's April so we should have temps in the mid 60s with light spring showers. It was about 68 when I went to the gym at 6:00 this morning and it is already 70 at about 9:00am.


Anonymous said...

Your sock pal has found you, as well! I'll be watching your blog to see what you chose, and I'm on the lookout for an awesome superwash yarn for your socks - looking forward to starting on them! :)

Chelsea said...

Hey sockpal! I am looking forward to getting them. I wish we didn't have
to wait so long! Good luck with your search :)