Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home again, home again jiggidy jig??

I hate the first day back at work after a vacation. I am so tired and could really use another day to regroup, but I would feel guilty for taking another day off. I had a bunch of nice pictures but I accidentally deleted them so I am waiting for my cousin to send me her pics from the trip. They are essentially the same.

Our road trip did not end up being a road trip. On the drive to my place, my cousin was in a car accident that totaled the car she was driving. She only had a few scratches and bruises, and I believe the other guy involved is fine as well. So instead of driving we were given a couple of buddy passes by our uncle and flew to Atlanta from Minneapolis. It was cheaper to fly so I can't complain too much. Our plan was to stop in Nashville and do some exploring on our way back from Georgia, but we may still do that later in the summer.

We arrived Sunday at ATL around 6:00 Eastern and stayed with our aunt and uncle in Peachtree City, a suburb south of Atlanta. It is a planned community and they planned it with miles of golf cart paths. We spent a lot of time riding around on the golf cart looking at the houses, getting ice cream or smoothies, going to Target and Kroger and taking my cousins' dog for a run. We went all over the place while there. Every morning we took the

Tuesday we drove to Lake Wedowee where my uncle has a lot on the lake and keeps his boat. We road around on the lake for almost two hours, swam around a bit then hooked up the tube and took turns tubing at up to 45 mph for about another hour. It was great. I got a nice tan and a little sunburn. I could have sat in the boat all day driving around the lake looking at the houses.

On Wednesday we went to Stone Mountain. We rode a tram to the top and stayed up there for about 45 minutes checking out the view. It was really neat to see the Georgia landscape from that vantage point. I could barely see Atlanta. Thursday we went shopping at one of Atlanta's malls and some of the shops in Peachtree City where I picked up a Vera Bradley bag (in the fabric in the middle row, last on the right). Friday was spent at the Delta headquarters in Atlanta. My uncle gave us a tour of the flight simulators and brought us to the museum where we sat in the engine of this plane for a picture, which my uncle has flown a couple times. We ate some excellent clam chowder at Spondivits for lunch. I think I have the days correct, but I am really not sure. We saw Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End that night. Saturday involved a lot of golf cart rides around Peachtree City and dinner at Mellow Mushroom It kind of all ran together.

I chose the Cable Twist socks for my sock pal. I started on the practice sock on the drive to MSP and started the heel flap on the return flight. Not a lot of knitting in a weeks time, but it certainly looks nice. I need to take a picture and will post it as soon as I do.

In other news, Josh found a Nintendo Wii for us. Currently we only have the Wii Sports which came with the Wii, bu that may change tonight. I am not very good at any of them games yet, but I had a lot of fun.

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