Friday, June 01, 2007

a pattern even I can follow

As I mentioned yesterday I am essentially combining two patterns with the same stitch a pattern. Honestly the only change I am making to the Diagonal Cross-Rib socks is not doing a ribbed cuff but instead going right into the pattern stitch like the Cable Twist socks. I started a Cable Twist sock, but wasn't entirely happy with how I had knitted it. What I really like about the IK pattern is that the twist for the other sock goes the other way. I thought about trying to figure out how to do that on my second sock after reading about it on a fellow Sockapaloozer's blog, but didn't know how to go about it. Now I have a pattern that does that, written for sock yarn and with a heel I like better. Shiny!

I was afraid of modifying a pattern too much because I have knit so few socks. I am excited about knitting it. I just wish I wasn't the person doing the driving to Minnesota this weekend so I could get some knitting time in. I am picking up my 80 year old grandma and driving her to my cousin's graduation party in Minnesota. We will be meeting my mom and sis for lunch on the way so maybe I can convince my sister to drive and I can ride with my mom and knit a little! I am also going to miss my new Wii. Now we have Zelda and Paper Mario and remote and nunhuck controllers.

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