Thursday, July 05, 2007

My upstream sock pal is torturing me. She told me my socks are done and they are on Ravelry. That means I may have looked at them or could possibly find them and not know it! I just want to look at all the socks on there and figure out which ones are for me. Not that I think it's really possible, but you never know. We also have some of the same things in our queues so I could easily stumble across them while looking at other people's stuff. Torture!!!!

I meant to take pictures of my socks yesterday, but my camera batteries died and I didn't have any charged ones lying around. My computer is also driving me nuts. I need a new one but am not quite prepared to spend that much money right now.

I am so glad I took the 4th off. I almost started a project at work that would take 3 days, i.e. through Wednesday, but decided against it. I got to sleep in, play Zelda, and get a modest amount of knitting on my Sidewinders and Sockapalooza pal's socks done. I just need to graft the Sidewinders, and I am on the heel flap of the Cable Twist socks. I think I will wait to do my second Sidewinder until Maia writes her tutorial on how to eliminate one of the grafts by using two circs.


Minneapolismama said...

I'm really glad my upstream pal has not given me a report lately. I couldn't take it if I knew they were done and waiting for me.

In other news, you won some MN wild rice in my 100 posts giveaway! Send me your address at, and I'll get it in the mail for you.

That might make up for not going to the cabin, eh?

Dragonfly said...

I've loved watching the sidewinders grow! Can't wait to see when they are grafted. (or when you have batteries)

what zelda are you playing? son is saving for a wii and when he gets it, I am SO getting Twilight Princess!

Kate said...

It could be worse. You could still be waiting for your Ravelry invitation.