Thursday, July 12, 2007

Too tight

Josh and I played hooky from tkd last night and saw Transformers. The special effects were great and it had a decent plot.

I did the long graft on my Sidewinders Tuesday night and decided to try it on before I moved to the toe graft. First of all, I messed up the graft or my increases/decreases, either way, I ended up with 4 more stitches on one needle than the other. That really doesn't matter since even thought I knit the wide version, it was too tight in the foot. I guess my high arches are to blame since it fit well everywhere else. I am not too upset that I had to frog because now I can make my increases and decreases better and I can also use Maia's lovely modification which eliminates the sure to be messy toe graft.

Here it is before grafting

Sidewinders:  Act IV

I started it with Maia's modifications on Tuesday night, but screwed up early on trying to add a heel gusset and gave up. I will try again this weekend when I have some time. I may also see about making my own swift.


Maia said...

Oh no! Don't give up. I love this yarn as a Sidewinder. Email me if you have questions, especially on my mods.

Chelsea said...

I am not giving up, just putting it on hold for a couple days :)

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...

Sidewinders are really intriguing...
I printed out a copy. However, I looked at the mod's for them, and was a little confused about the gusset wording in her instructions. Let me know if you figure it out, on your next go. :)

p.s- i saw transformers last week. The graphics were amazing! Good movie!