Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The Burrow Socks...finally

The Burrow Socks

Pattern: Toe-up with Judy's magic cast-on and Wendy's gusset heel
yarn: MacKintosh Yarns The Burrow

I am not a fan of the heel. It doesn't fit me very well; it's loose behind the ankle. They don't fit on my sock blocker very well either.

Speaking of sock blockers...

I got some new ones with hedgehogs! They are graciously modeled by a finished Aurelie sock. One of my roommates had a couple hedgehogs and they were adorable if not pettable.

I am on the gusset of the second Aurelie sock and with the boss gone I can get a little knitting done at work when I have downtime between washes of the embryos I am staining.

I made zucchini bread last night with my gigantic zucchini I picked up at the farmers' market this past weekend. I made a double batch of bread and I still had more than enough to grill for dinner. I am still working on the eggplant parmesan as well as the melon from the farmers' market. I think I still have a blueberry scone left, too! That's a lot of food for two people.


Amanda said...

Or three. I will be over and ready to eat tomorrow. I will also be bringing green beans. What I thought was corn was actually green beans, so there's some beans that need to be eaten.

E to the M said...

Seriously, could that hedgehog be any cuter?

Chelsea said...

You should see the little legs, which are covered by the sock. A better pic is here.