Monday, August 20, 2007

I just started some socks I plan to give as a Christmas gift. I am quite proud of myself for being that prepared and for starting so early. The yarn for another pair of Christmas gift socks should arrive in the next few days.

I spent my weekend driving Mom around town, baking, knitting and playing new games on the Wii. Actually it's for Game Cube and it's Mario! I can't say the game is as good as Super Mario 64, but I am having fun anyway. The controls for Mario are essentially the same so I picked it up a bit faster than Josh for once. I need to get back to Zelda on the Wii, but I think Mario may get my gaming time for awhile.

I made brownies yesterday in lieu of the lemon bundt cake I intended to make, but I forgot to bring them to work. My scone experiment didn't turn out the greatest, but Josh still ate at least 4 of them. The biscuits I made for some biscuits and gravy turned out quite well. They are so good when they are fresh. I wish I had a toaster oven so the next morning I could toast them and cover them with jam.

After baking the brownies, I was in the process of cleaning up and while I was taking the flour container back to the pantry it slipped out of my hand. Flour ended up all over the floor and behind the baker's rack. I have a feeling I will find little piles of flour I missed for the next few months.

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Amanda said...

Wow, you're just a knitting machine! I had to frog half my project, because I realized I was purling wrong, but I'm back to where I left on and then some.