Tuesday, August 14, 2007

I woke up to an alarm and a flash of lightening this morning. Oh yeah, and a headache. I still have the headache, but the rain is gone. It is actually really nice outside right now. I was counting on the humidity the weather guy told me was going to be present today to get the wrinkles out of my shirt, but that's not gonna happen. At least not yet. When I stepped outside the cooler weather made me wish I had left earlier so I could have walked to work, but then I wouldn't have met another knitter on the bus today! I have never seen her before, or at least have not seen her knitting. She was working on the sleeve of a cardigan. She learned to knit in college and it looks like she spends time on the medical campus, as do I. Speaking of others on the medical campus. There are a couple more knitters on this side of campus and one of them mentioned some lunch time knitting. I hope that works out.

I started a new sock yesterday. It's based on the Leyburn Socks pattern, but I am switching it to a top down pattern. I started the toe-up version, but I didn't like how messy my short-row toe was and I thought about doing my normal toe but... Well, I think I like cuff-down better so that is what i am doing. I think toe-up is easier to do on circs (and this stitch pattern would probably be easier to execute on circs), but I don't have any in the right size.

If it doesn't reach the predicted 94 degrees plus oppressive humidity today, I may make some brownies. The oven will be on anyway since Josh wants me to make the stuffed peppers I made a few weeks ago. I just hope I can remember what I did.

Look what I just found!
Freezer Paper T-shirt Tutorial

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