Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Supposedly we are getting some cooler weather starting today. I really hope so. At least we are getting a good thunderstorm today. I think my subcloning may have worked! I am not getting my hopes too high because I can never get any of my cloning projects to work the first time.

I have an excess of knitting time because there is no more tae kwon do this week! I only had to teach two classes on Monday night and I am free for almost two weeks. This means I may be able to finish a pair of socks in a week. I am going to make some brownies tonight to celebrate.

The start of the first one is the pic on the right. The pattern and yarn are working really well together. It's almost twice as long now. I have one more pattern repeat and then will start the heel. The stitch pattern is really easy to memorize. I had it down after the first time. You have to borrow some stitches from the next row and the previous row during each repeat which creates a little jog in the pattern but it is barely noticeable.


AndreaLea said...

That yarn and pattern are perfect together!
What happened to the Sidewinders? :)

Chelsea said...

I keep getting distracted! I will make them though. I want to eliminate the toe-graft which means I need another circ of the same size and Knit Picks is out of them right now :(

Roberta said...

Ooooh! Those are working wonderfully together!! I wasn't overly impressed with the pattern from the pictures on the pattern, but it just pops in that yarn.
Send some of that break in the heat this way, will ya? We're supposed to hit 106 today. *wilts*

KnittingHawkeye said...

Love the yarn, what is it and what colourway? =P