Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I am sick of work. I have gotten some good results and some interesting results lately but I can't seem to get as excited about them as everyone else here does. Sometimes I just don't want to be in the lab anymore. Today's interesting result led to more questions that we don't know the answer to and the grad student I am working with is all excited about figuring out the changes in the chemical structure of the compound I used that produced this result, but I could care less. I really need to have a better attitude about this stuff.

I am on the armhole shaping for Ribby and am still on my second ball of yarn. I added 1.5" to the length to accommodate my long torso, but I didn't take that into account when I ordered yarn so I ordered two more balls along with 4 in another color in case the dye lot is way off so I can make the sleeves a different color. I got a light blue which, interestingly, is about the same color of the blue trim on the black fleece jacket I am currently wearing. I also happened to order enough yarn to make another sweater because there was still a sale on the yarn plus a discount when you order more than 6 balls as well as free shipping so I saved almost $20. I intended to make another sweater anyway so I figured I might as well get the yarn now when it's cheaper.

I am sleeping better, but I still wish I was sleeping more. It has been torture to get up in the mornings. All attempts to sleep in this weekend failed (stupid car alarms)and now my body wants to sleep in.


Dragonfly said...

Haven't been lurking lately, but I'm excited at how fast you're going with the Ribby! You've got to post pictures soon :-)

Don't feel bad about work, I think that regardless of our career and how interesting we find it, there are days when it just feels sort of never-ending (esp when learning something makes more questions, which has been my life for the past few weeks.)

Amanda said...

When's the last time you took a vacation? Like sit-at-home-watch-TV-and-knit kind of vacation.