Tuesday, September 04, 2007

I started on some new socks! The yarn is striping just as I had hoped and the toe-up start didn't drive me crazy like it usually does. The yarn is Lorna's Laces in Lucky Stripe and the pattern is Anastasia. They will also be a Christmas gift. I am going to start another pair tonight so I don't get bored. I can't decide between the Socktopia Mystery sock or Fawkes.

I am not prepared for it to be September. I love the idea that fall will soon be here, but that also means I need to order Josh's birthday present and plan the rest of my Christmas knitting projects. I also want to start a sweater for myself, but can't decide on the yarn. I want to have it done so I can show it off at Thanksgiving. I also promised my cousin a scarf in his school colors. I should really get started on that b/c knitting a scarf won't be fun. Maybe I can find a way to make it fun. I still haven't made a chiropractor appointment either. I haven't had anymore bad headaches, but my neck is stiff.


AndreaLea said...

Way to go on the Christmas knitting. I put up a list of Christmas gifts I need to work on in my Ravelry list thinking it would help me get going. So far, no such luck!

Amanda said...

Just look for a pattern that you want to try, and adapt it so it will look good as a scarf. That should be a challenge enough.