Sunday, September 16, 2007

It's a pair, right??

They don't match, but two socks is a pair! Left is Fawkes and right is Anastasia. The colorways look kinda similar knitted up, but completely different in the skein. Fawkes is for me but Anastasia is a Christmas gift.with matching headband included.

I better cast-on for their mates before I go to sock club. I also signed up to be a sock savior for Sockapalooza. I am going to go on a hunt for some perfect sock yarn for my new Sockapalooza pal and for my mom. I think the yarn I got has too much brown in the red. I have another option in my stash, but that one seems a little too orange. She's pickier than I am so I am being more picky than usual.

I have two sweaters planned for myself and yarn has been ordered for each. One is a zippy cardi and the other a pullover. One is a cotton blend yarn and the other is wool. One is knit seamless, in the round while the other is knit flat. I think that's some good variety for first and second sweaters.


Dragonfly said...

Wow, I knew I was behind in my blog reading but not by how much! I love both the socks and Wicked looks like it will be awesome.

~*~Knitting Up A Storm~*~ said...


Friender said...

Those are beautiful. I'm visiting from Fearless Fibers' blog.

Anonymous said...

The socks look excellent! Makes me motivated to start working on my various WIP socks more.