Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I just made pumpkin bars from this recipe and they turned out really well. I made 50% more frosting because, for a 15x10 pan, I thought the amount was a little skimpy and omitted the raisins. I would have liked to add walnuts but since this was for the whole biochem department I refrained in case anyone is allergic.

It only took me four tries, but I finally turned the heel on the stripey socks. I am not sure what my problem was. One just looked bad so I switched to a different technique. I somehow screwed up again so I started over. The next time I ended up with too many stitches on one side so the heel was really off center. I finally got it on the fourth try. It actually looks pretty good now. These are about the most troublesome socks I have knit yet. I will post pics soon, if I ever have decent light and the time.

I have been listening to Wicked a lot lately. Yesterday I had it blasting from my work computer so everyone could here it. They asked me to. I wasn't just doing it to annoy them. I love musicals, but I haven't seen many. I haven't been able to justify the expense in most cases. I think someday when I have money to spend I will go to lots of musicals. I am a huge fan of Kristin Chenoweth on Pushing Daisies. She gets to sing! I hope they keep that up because I think it would be sad if they didn't keep taking advantage of her voice.


Amanda said...

Most of the musicals I've seen were when I worked at Hancher, and they paid me to watch them.

I was so psyched when they sang TMBG's "Birdhouse in Your Soul" last week. I love that show.

LotusKnits said...

I love Kristen Chenowith too. She was sooo cute on West Wing. Now I have to go purchase the Wicked CD.

Cookie baker Lynn said...

I loved Kristen singing on Pushing Daisies. I love everything about the show!

Your blog is great. I'm going to send the address to my sister who is an avid knitter.

RadioactiveUnicorn said...

I am thinking I need to switch to the biochemistry department if you are providing them with such wonderful sounding treats!!! Pumpkin deliciousness is certainly worth not being low carb for!

Dragonfly said...

Love Pushing Daisies although i always end up watching at, thank god for full online episodes. I really need to book the tickets for Wicked! we are so close here.